Scaravelli-Inspired Yoga with Jane Manze

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Brighton Natural Health Centre
27 Regent Street
East Sussex
Scaravelli-Inspired Yoga with Jane Manze

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exploring the mechanics and ease of breathing to enjoy power and subtlety

pranayama (breath practices) asana (yoga postures) and somatic movement principles.

These enriching movement and breath practices 'undo' any tension in the body rather than forcing the body into a shape. This 'undoing' rather than 'doing' approach that Vanda Scaravelli wished to be simple - can also be exploratory and at times playful. The beauty, simplicity and effectiveness of this approach makes it accessible to 'any body'.

Jane has been teaching Hatha Scaravelli-Inspired Yoga for many years and is a Somatic Movement Educator. This afternoon will include yoga postures, breath work and Body-Mind Centering® Principles.

Open to everyone new to yoga or those with experience

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Season (5 Apr 2020)