The last few months have been an interesting time to work in tourism - reluctantly having to discourage people from visiting our city. However as businesses start to reopen we are looking forward to welcoming you back to Never Normal... 

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What is Never Normal?

These are not normal times - We’ve been trapped inside. One day has merged into the next and weeks have become months. We’ve been looking out of the same windows at the same views, doing the same things for what seems like forever. The same has become the normal.

And the media tells us that all we have to look forward to is the new normal.

Brighton was Never Normal anyway. It’s a place that’s always offered escape. It’s always been different. It’s a city with more than a little bit of attitude. A home to free thinkers, artists, entrepreneurs, eccentrics and entertainers. We couldn’t do normal if we tried.


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We also want to hear from you - what is it about Brighton & Hove that makes it Never Normal? Is it the Prince Albert mural? The Dolphin Derby? Yoga in the Sky? Silent Disco beach cleans? Glow-in-the-dark dinosaur crazy golf? 

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Welcome back to Never Normal.





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