This week we were invited to the Theatre Royal Brighton to see Peter Pan Goes Wrong. Having heard only good things about both this show and the previous 'The Play That Goes Wrong' I was delighted to accept!

Promotional photo for the touring production of Peter Pan Goes Wrong

Before taking our seats we were treated to a quick backstage tour which was an unexpected bonus. Out of the three of us that went (the Marketing dream team!) I was the only one that had done a backstage tour before however that didn't matter as while I knew some of the stories - my favourite being the Gulp Bar as I love the image of Sir Laurence Olivier having a cheeky snifter mid-performance - there were a lot of stories and details that I hadn't heard before. Mind you as the theatre is over 200 years old it is not really surprising to hear it has a such rich and varied history!

Photo of the Theatre Royal Brighton

After the tour it was time to take our seats ready for the show to begin. For those who aren't familiar with the show this is essentially a play within a play. We are watching an amateur dramatic group's production of Peter Pan and basically everything that can go wrong, does. This was one of those comedies where the gags are relentless - it was constant joke after joke after joke, we were all giggling the whole way through. There's a good mix of physical comedy along with word play. I think if you like Noises Off then you will love this! Of course at the time I was just enjoying the silliness but thinking back you start to appreciate just how skilled the whole cast were. First of all it is an ensemble cast and they were all excellent, particularly as the timing was crucal for a lot of the jokes to work and everyone needed to work well together so you can tell this is a close-knit crew. I also couldn't help thinking how bruised, battered and exhausted they all must be by the end of the evening (doubly so on matinee days!). This show truly does have the feel-good factor - huge well done to everyone involved.

In Marketing one of the key travel trends at the moment is around Wellness breaks and generally these tend to focus on encouraing people to enjoy a digital detox and may include spa breaks or healthy walks to improve both your physical and mental wellness. All of which I support but this weeks' trip to the theatre was a good reminder that culture and wellbeing go hand-in-hand. What good be better for your mental health then a couple of hours of laughter? Yes we can watch a funny show on TV but it simply doesn't compare to the magical feeling of live comedy and being in an auditorium filled with laughing, happy people.

'Peter Pan Goes Wrong' is on until Sunday so if you need a good laugh book your tickets now! Plus the Theatre Royal runs backstage tours regularly so I also recommend booking on one of those as a lot has happened in this beautiful venue over its 212 year history...



Historical Tour of Theatre Royal Brighton
Walking Tour
Diva Dressing Room

This beautiful grade II listed Theatre holds over 200 years of secrets and intriguing tales, so join us for a fascinating insight into its history, redevelopment and present day workings. Every Saturday 11.30am (approx. 1 hour) £7.50



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