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Curry Leaf Cafe is shortlisted in the BRAVOs for Best Lunch so when they invited us down to try out the new Lunch Specials, we had high hopes... 

Given the fact that I work for VisitBrighton, and our offices are based in the middle of The Lanes it's surprising how rarely I actually go out for lunch. I guess like a lot of people I tend to dine al desko as I keep my head down and crack on with whatever I'm currently working on. However, we all know this isn't good for us, not only do our eyes need a break from the screen but our minds need a break too! So, when Curry Leaf Cafe asked if we would be interested in visiting them to review their new Lunch Specials I jumped at the chance and Marta graciously agreed to assist, partly because it meant we could try more dishes but also because it's more friendly with two. 

Lamb Thali at Curry Leaf Cafe, Brighton

Professional image of the Lamb Thali, courtetsy of Curry Leaf Cafe. 

The all-day menu is still available featuring a tantalising array of curries, stews, street food and buns however they have recently launched a new range of lunch specials. The options include either a loaded lunch where you pick your base: naan, steamed rice or skin-on fries then pick your filling: Mushroom Manchurian, Chicken Tikka Hariyali, crisp-fried Chicken 65 or Paneer Tikka. Alternatively, you can opt for a Thali Platter featuring: poppadums, vegetable pakora & aubergine bhaji, rice & naan, Bombay potatoes and chutneys for dipping. Oh and those are just the sides, the Thali Platter also includes your choice of mushroom, paneer, chicken or lamb curry. Are you salivating yet? 😋 

Loaded Chicked Naan at Curry Leaf Cafe, Brighton

Unprofessional image of the Chicken 65 Loaded Lunch, courtetsy of Charlotte's phone. 

As there were two of us it made sense to try one of each of the dishes, so Marta opted for a Naan loaded with crisp-fried chicken and I had the Keralan Chicken Thali. In the past I would always say I didn't like spicy food and if I was eating out, I would look for the mildest dish on the menu. However, having been to Curry Leaf a few times now I don't worry so much about the spice level. Sometimes places like to add spice just to make a dish hot and then all you can taste is the heat. This has never been the case at Curry Leaf as here it is all about the flavour. As I tucked into my platter it seemed that each bite was tastier than the last, of course I completely forgot what was what so I'm not sure if the potatoes or the pakora was my favourite but I do know it was all delicious, which is why I was gutted when I realised I wasn't going to be able to quite finish it all. 

Lunch Specials at Curry Leaf Cafe

Unprofessional image of the Chicken Thali Platter and Chicken 65 Loaded Lunch, courtetsy of Charlotte's phone. 

I did try some of Marta's dish as well as my own and the chicken had been slow-cooked in a sauce of ginger, chilli and garlic which gave it plenty of warmth and tasted like it would be just the thing to have if you felt a cold coming on! In fact, Marta was enjoying her meal so much she even exclaimed: "I want to come back again" so while I did teasingly point out that we'd have to leave before we could return, I knew what she meant. We visited on a wet, dreary afternoon (yes even Brighton gets them occasionally!) but as soon as you open the door and see the colourful decor you can't help but smile and that smiles widens when you breathe in all the tempting scents of what's to come. The laid-back, welcoming atmosphere is certainly one you'll want to come back to time and again. 

Chicken Thali Platter at Curry Leaf Cafe, Brighton

Unprofessional image of partially destroyed Chicken Thali Platter, courtetsy of Charlotte's phone.

So yes, I can certainly see why Curry Leaf Cafe is up for the BRAVOs award for Best Lunch. It was great to escape the office for an hour and return feeling refreshed, revived, and refuelled ready for the afternoon ahead. Next time I go I think I would go for one of the Loaded Lunches, don't get me wrong the Thali Platter was amazing but I didn't like having to leave some of it behind and I think portion-wise it's probably better as a dinner option. 

If you're looking for somewhere to go for lunch that is so good, you'll want to return before you have even left (sorry Marta!) then head to Curry Leaf Cafe

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Curry Leaf Cafe - Brighton Lanes
Curry Leaf Cafe Brighton Lanes

Named one of the best 12 Indian restaurants in Britain by BBC Good Food Magazine, Curry Leaf Cafe’s original restaurant in the Brighton Lanes serves up authentic South Indian food and (officially) the UK’s finest range of craft beers in a colourful, laid-back dining space



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