9 year old Eliza tells us what she thought of her to trip to the American Express Community Stadium to watch Brighton & Hove Albion vs Birmingham....

I went with my family to the AMEX on Sunday to see Brighton versus Birmingham Women’s football match. We went on the train. It was a really quick journey. As we walked to the stadium the lights that they put on the grass to make it grow well came on.

To get in we had to scan our tickets. Mine was the only one that worked because the others hadn’t printed properly so I got through the barrier but mom had to find the rest of the tickets on her phone and scan that. We had to give our water bottles in because they were metal.

We went to the food stalls and dad got a pie and my sister Xanthe got a vegan sausage roll. She didn’t think it was as good as the ones you get at Greggs. Dad liked his pie though.

Then we went to our seats which were blue padded plastic. When we looked across the pitch we could see lots of empty seats that had white seats in the shape of seagulls. Our stand was the only one full. The man said that there were 4500 people there!

They sprayed water on the pitch which looked cool. Dad said they did that so the ball would move quicker. Then people patted the pitch so if there were any loose bits they were put down. Then they started playing the game. We had a really good view.

They started playing the game very quickly and Brighton scored a penalty. And then another 2-0 before half time. Mom started supporting Birmingham (because that’s where she comes from) but she swapped when she knew Birmingham was going to lose! During the match we saw tons of seagulls. Perhaps they were watching the match too.

At half time we bought some drinks - a diet coke for me, hot chocolate for Ava, Xanthe and mom and a Bovril for dad. The second half went really quickly and Brighton scored another goal. We won! Before we knew it, the match was over and we were heading home on the train. It was loud on the train because there were lots of people. And then we walked back home and had curry for tea.

By Eliza Peevers, 9 years old, A Brighton and Hove Albion Supporter


The American Express Community Stadium
Sports Ground
Brighton & Hove Albion v Crystal Palace match

The award-winning American Express Community Stadium opened in 2011 and is home to Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club. The club currently compete in the Premier League, following promotion from the Championship in 2017.



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