We've decided to get to know some of our local business partners a bit better - and today we speak to Harminder Swaley from Infinity Massage Therapy...

Tell us about yourself and why you started your massage therapy business?

My name is Harminder and I’ve been in sales for most of my adult life. I’ve sold everything from gym memberships to merchant services, however, I had lost my passion for the industry and in sales you are only as good as your last month, I wanted to do something which resonated with my being. 

I put a lot of time and effort into deciding what would be the right kind of business to create. Asking myself questions such as: what do I enjoy? How would it be able to help others? After considering all of these factors, I eventually decided on a massage business as I’m a people person and engage well with those from all walks of life. Friends and family have said in the past that my massages were great, despite not having any formal training. I put it down to the fact that, from the ages of 5 to 16, I used to massage my dad regularly as in Indian culture this is common practice.

The driving force for my passion for massage was to help people with a number of ailments such as anxiety, stress, soft tissue injuries and also those who suffer from debilitating conditions such as fibromyalgia.

Once I had decided that this was what I wanted to pursue, I looked into getting a massage qualification and eventually chose the YMCA located in Brighton. They provided a level three course which cost £1800 over a three-month period, part-time. This was perfect as it allowed me to still work full time whilst studying. The next few months were challenging as it was hard finding the ever-elusive work/life balance. However, focused and invested into the journey of reaching my goal, I persevered and thankfully my hard work paid off.

What do you love most about what you do?

The thing I love most about massage is that I’m able to help people, I know this sounds so cheesy but honestly, it’s the truth. I’ve had a lady tell me the night before her massage she left a meal in tears as the pain was so intense and another had constant dull pain for years in her shoulder and back, I was able to help them on their first visit and they left me wonderful reviews. 

What’s the best thing about your work?

You’ve probably guessed by now that I like to talk a lot, haha…I would say the best thing about my job is I get to meet wonderful people from Brighton and all over the world it’s always nice to have a good chat however I also know when to keep quiet as sometimes people just need to relax and unwind.

What’s your average day like, or is it ever average?

To be honest, each day is different. Some days I will be rushed off my feet with a full day of clients, I can handle a maximum of five one-hour massages in a day as massage is a demanding profession and after five I’m basically a zombie. Other days will be much quieter on these days I focus on creating content for my social media platforms or creating awareness through leaflets as well as other processes.

What is the biggest challenge or opportunity currently for you at the moment?

I’d say the biggest challenge currently for myself and the industry is Covid-19. Things are much quieter which is understandable as the whole situation is something from a science fiction movie, people have lost confidence and are worried about coming in for treatments half the customers I see have waited as long as possible before the pain has become unbearable.

I just want to take this opportunity to let people know Infinity Massage Therapy has adapted to give you as much peace of mind as possible. I wear a visor and mask during treatments and clients are required to wear a mask during treatments as well. I’ve also added a half an hour buffer on the booking system to allow me to thoroughly clean down equipment and the room.  

What do you love most about Brighton?

Brighton has so much to offer from restaurants to events, it is definitely 'London on the Sea' and we’re surrounded by nature, it’s a great equilibrium and I love this balance as we are fortunate to have the best of both worlds on our doorstep.

If anything at all, what would you like to be doing as an alternative career?

I really enjoy the whole marketing aspect of running my own business and I would love to have a digital marketing agency…watch this space.

Apart from Brighton of course, where else would you most like to live?

The ideal situation would be to live in Brighton six months a year and each year live in a different country for six months as the world has so much to offer.

Thank you!




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