Some of us have used the extra time at home to reorganise and improve our physical space but what about your virtual home? 

'Doomscrolling' became one of the most used phrases last year as it was all too easy to get sucked into a vacuum of bad news and opinions from very angry people. However social media doesn't have to be all doom and gloom, it can also be used for inspiration and escapism. You control what appears in your news feeds so why follow accounts that make you feel sad, mad or bad? You wouldn't invite people into your home who made you feel this why so why invite them into your virtual space? 

We recommend spring cleaning your accounts so you only follow pages that add something positive to your online experience. Here are a few of our favourite accounts to help Brighton up your feeds... 


Well of course I have to give our own account a mention! We share fabulous pictures of Brighton and the surrounding area as well as updates from our local business partners. Use #visitbrighton if you have a photo you'd like us to consider sharing. 

Brighton Streets

Charlotte captures lovely shots of the city's streets showcasing the variety of architectural styles and proving the city looks gorgeous in all weathers.

Brighton Photography Gallery

Enjoy a moment of calm with Finn Hopson's stunning images of the Sussex countryside as well as shots from his sea swims. 

Drusillas Park

Who can resist photos of cute animals? Go behind the scenes and say hello to the cute critters that reside at Drusillas Park. 

Brighton Beyond Tours

Take a virtual tour of Sussex with stunning images of the Seven Sisters and the Downs. We also like the facts you learn along the way for example: This (image above) is Halnaker Hollow Way at the western end on the South Downs. This lane has been shaped by human activity since ancient times.

Curry Leaf Cafe

The dishes look so good you can almost smell them as you scroll. Be warned you will want to order everything you see! 

Albourne Estate

We love the drinks but we also love seeing the lovely photos of the actual vineyard & seeing how it changes with the seasons. 

Flour Pot

You'll see a delectable mixture of cakes, pastries, pizzas and the main ingredient for success - the lovely, hard-working team. 

South Downs National Park

As I write this it is a grey, wet Januaury day but following the South Downs National Park account means I still get to enjoy beautiful landscapes.


Yes this is another nature account but can you really get tired of seeing beautiful Sussex? I know I can't get enough of it!

Yoga in the Lanes

This account will (hopefully) inspire you to stretch and move more, if nothing else you can't help but be impressed by some of the poses they manage!

Lost in the Lanes

Ok it's another foodie account but the brunches do taste as delicious as they look and they are now available for delivery.


Experience art & culture from the comfort and safety of your house as Fabrica share images from photographers as well as shots of their fantastic Murmuration installation. 

Old Tree Brewery

If you're going to follow foodie accounts you need to follow a few drink feeds to go with them. The kombucha experts take us behind-the-scenes as they brew the fermented beverage. 


As a bonus here is an account to follow that has nothing to do with Brighton but will make you smile if you were a fan of a certain 80s TV show - @murder_she_wore 🕵️




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