Lost in the Lanes is a popular brunch spot but did you know they now do dinners too? Marta & Katie went to check it out... 

It was raining and quite cold outside (those all too familiar April showers!) but that did not stop my colleague and I heading out to Lost in The Lanes for dinner. As I left the house, I bumped into my neighbour on the bus who asked where I was off to: “Dinner?” she asked. "But don't Lost only do Breakfast and Brunch?” They did, I replied, but now they've luckily added supper to their legendary menu too. From Thursday to Saturday, you can now enjoy the culinary wonders of Head Chef, Sophie Taverner in the evening alongside their existing daytime menu. It's great to see this intimate, award-winning, restaurant extending its hours. Everyone is welcome at LOST, they make that quite clear. Cosy, warm and welcoming is how I describe this independent jewel in The Lanes.

Upon arriving at Lost, we soon warmed up, with candles and a wonderful atmosphere, that and a spicy chilli margarita helped too! The cocktail had a real zap to it, I find margaritas can be too salty, but not this one, it was just what we needed to get our evening off to a great start. Visually, this aperitif pleased me too, with its dried grapefruit slices it was very quirky. I chose some pickles to accompany our drinks as I thought they sounded unusual. They were my favourite starter of the night, as I think they matched the cocktail so well, they were tangy, sharp and moreish. I polished those off and didn’t feel guilty as no calories were wasted. Katie went for the olives, which can sometimes be quite ordinary but not these, which were huge, ripe, and bursting with flavour. With appetisers this good, we could be in Greece.

The LOST approach is simple, small menus using seasonal produce, from local producers. The ox cheek was not something either of us would normally order, but being at LOST, we knew that we could relax, as everything they serve is delicious and we were right, it smelt amazing and looked so lovely. Traditional flavours were seeping through this dish, and you could imagine the hours of work involved to get it to this level of perfection. The accompanying broccoli was beautifully dished and as good as art.

Natalie, the owner, was serving as usual. I would be so boastful and proud of a restaurant like this, however, Natalie is always so warm and welcoming. It’s no surprise then that Lost in The Lanes has gone from strength to strength, first as a tiny café spot and now to a restaurant serving brunch, lunch, and now dinner too. With their head chef Sophie Taverner headlining the famous Foodies Festival, this May Bank Holiday, you know you are on the right track to tasty food done with finesse.

But back to the food, the vegan artichoke broccoli risotto had a wonderful texture, just right, and could be eaten as a dish all on its own. Middle Eastern flavours featured as a welcome surprise to the Mediterranean profile we had expected, this was a great addition to the menu. Served alongside this were crispy potatoes which were a staple we discovered that we would never not re-order. Sometimes you find a dish that is so tasty that you could eat it all over again. Despite being full to the brim, we thought it would be rude not to try at least one dessert, so we went for the pavlova with seasonal rhubarb, which was a sweet treat with the latter adding a tartness to it to balance out the dish.

Rather than feeling lost, we felt very at home at Lost in the Lanes, one of the reasons I think that this is a Brighton treasure. If I had to choose one word to sum up our evening it would have to be, atmospheric. I am not interested in going out unless a place has a welcoming atmosphere and Lost in the Lanes oozes it.

As for my neighbour, after telling her how good my meal was at Lost she decided to visit for herself the following evening. News of a good venue travels fast in this city, and it wasn't long before our Hove community WhatsApp group was lit up with glowing reviews from contented diners. So, if you want to experience a dinner at LOST you had better book in quickly!



Lost In The Lanes
LOST in the Lanes

Nestled in Nile Street in the lanes, is LOST IN THE LANES café, bar & restaurant. Open daily serving beautiful breakfasts, lunches, small plates, Thursday, Friday and Saturday suppers, cocktails, wines, coffees and cakes in elegant surroundings, at affordable prices.



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