Brighton is known for being a vibrant city but did you know that it is also home to the picturesque village of Rottingdean? 

If you don't already know about Rottingdean you soon will as the village is now home to The White Horses, a luxurious hotel, bar & restaurant offering uninterrupted views of the sea. We are always excited to see new venues opening across the city and always try to have a nosey as soon as we can so just a couple of days after The White Horses officially opened its doors we were setting off to Rottingdean. 

The White Horses, Rottingdean

The village is about 4 miles from the city centre and there are a few tranport options available. There are several buses although the fastest option is the 12X which can be boarded at either Brighton Station or Sea Life and zips along the coast road from Brighton to Rottingdean - the stop is right in front of The White Horses. The 12X is an express bus with limited stops and will get you there in about 15 minutes. Alternatively you could hire a bike and cycle along, the Beryl shared bikes have hubs in both Brighton and Rottingdean. 

Brighton Marina

However for our trip it was a nice day and we were keen to capture content along the way so we decided to walk. We had originaly planned to start our journey with a ride on the Volks Railway but we were setting off before the first train of the day so we decided to walk all the way. The walk took us past Brighton Zip, Sea Lanes and Yellowave, if you haven't headed east along the seafront in a while then you'll notice the change - it was lovely to see so many people out & about enjoying these attractions.  

Once we were past the Banjo Groyne (that is the official name, I'm not making it up!) and the Beach Box Spa I realiaed that it was a long time since I had walked this way as this was my first time walking on the new boardwalk. It was always possible to walk along this section but the narrow walkway has been replaced by a wider boardwalk and takes you past Black Rock's vegetated shingle. Working with Kew's Millenium Seed Bank at Wakehurst the council has planted 1,000 plants in 'wave troughs' to help protect the coastal habitat. 

Undercliff Walk, Brighton

We had now reached Brighton Marina and the Undercliff Walk. As the name suggests the walk runs by the sea cliff and the bright white chalk cliffs looked particularly stunning with a clear blue sky behind them. While the bus is a fast & convenient way to travel, I was glad we'd opted to travel by foot instead. We were walking along part of the new England's Coastal Path, the Sussex section is almost complete and so it is now possible to use it to walk all along the coast of West Sussex, Brighton & Hove and on to Eastbourne. Perhaps one day I'll walk the Sussex coast but today was not that day as we had a hotel to nose around! 

Welcome to Rottingdean

I'm not sure if it was the warm weather, the stunning views or the delighful company but the time flew by and we seemed to be at Rottingdean only moments after leaving the Marina. And just behind the 'Welcome to Rottingdean' sign is The White Horses hotel, even someone as hopeless at directions as I am couldn't miss it. The hotel mirrors the brilliant white of the chalk cliffs and oozes old-world charm and style. As soon as your feet cross the threshold you are greeted by a charming smell, I'm not sure what the scent was but it smelt luxurious. As a fan of art deco I instantly adored the style of the interiors, this is where Hercule Poirot or Bertie Wooster would stay if they needed to rest the little grey cells or escape an over-bearing auntie. We were lucky enough to get to have a look at one of the suites and the first thing that strikes you is the vista - uninterrupted views of the sea glittering in the sunshine.

Uninterrupted seaviews at The White Horses, Rottingdean

Once I managed to stop gazing out to sea I was able to take in the room, and what a room it was. A large, free-standing bath tub next to a gorgeous art deco drinks unit. An inviting looking bed, two cosy chairs and then in the bathroom I discovered a huge, double shower. Even the parts of the room which are normally overlooked incidentals had a high-end luxury feel to them, for example, instead of a plastic sign the 'Do Not Disturb' is a wooden disc. Staying here would be more than just a place to rest your head, this is a luxurious retreat and an escape from the drudgery. 

A bedroom at The White Horses, Rottingdean

On this occassion we ran out of time to properly experience the bar or the restaurant but that just gives us an excuse to go back. However we did have a quick peek and I was pleased to see the art deco theme has been carried through to the public areas. The bar would make an excellent spot for Monsieur Poirot to gather the suspects and make his dramatic revelation. Alternatively, it woud also be a lovely spot for a relaxing drink. The bar is called the 'Discovery Bar' and this is because it offers visitors the opportuntiy to discover a new Brighton beverage or to experience Sussex wines. We were pleased to see the venue is already working with several local suppliers including Bolney Wine, Goldstone Rum, Brighton Gin, Madame Jennifer's spirits and UnBarred brewery. 

I had planned on telling you more about the actual village of Rottingdean but I've spent so long telling you about the walk and the hotel that I think I'd better save Rottingdean for a second post...


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The White Horses
Seaview room at The White Horses, Rottingdean near Brighton.

With direct seafront access and spectacular views out over the sea, The White Horses Hotel is located on the edge of the South Downs, just 5 km from Brighton.



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