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It's time for another trail to catch some more Snowdogs and while today's post does feature 5 sculptures they are all fairly close together so you can take things at a more leisurely pace...

While the whole trail is called Snowdogs by the Sea some have a closer view of the sea then others so for today's post we are going for a walk along the prom, prom, prom starting with Snowdog number 26.

We're starting our walk at the Fishing Museum on the beachfront, if you are coming by train then from Brighton Station walk straight down Queens Road & West Street then cross over and then down onto the lower promenade, heading east towards Brighton Pier. If you're travelling by bus then the majority of services include stops at Churchill Square Shopping Centre or North Street so once you get off the bus walk towards the seafront by walking down either West Street or Ship Street.

Photo of the Snowdog by hte fishing museum

Outside the Fishing Museum you'll find Bella who is one of my favourite dogs on the trail. She fits in perfectly with her surroundings with sky and sea blue colourings - complete with a horizon line - and an adorable lighthouse tail. I particulalry like the cheeky Brighton and Brightoff headings for the day and nightime scenes. Before moving on pop in to the Fishing Museum to leaarn more abut Brighton's origins as the sleepy fishing village of Brighthelmstone.

Photo of a snowdog on the beachfront

For the next dog we'll continue walking east along the lower promenade with its mixture of shops & galleries until we reach the famous beachfront carousel. Here you'll find Snowdog 27 also known as Process Pup. This colourful pooch has a geometric patchwork design and is in one of the best spots for photographs as as she looks fabulous with either the Brighton Pier or the West Pier & British Airways i360 as backdrop.

Photo of the Peter James snowdog

Amble on to the upper promenade as we make our way towards the iconic Brighton Pier. Here you'll find the famous 'Kiss Wall' whose images only become clear when you are stood in front of it with the light shining through. From the 'Kiss Wall' walk on to the entrance to Brighton Pier where you'll find GRRRace & you'd better be on best behaviour as he is a police dog. Snowdog 28 has been sponsored by Peter James who works very closely with Sussex Police when researching his Roy Grace detective series. This dog will not suffer fools gladly and he evens has his handcuffs ready - you have been warned!

Photo of the Brighton Pier snowdog

Of course no trip to Brighton's seafront is complete without a walk along the pier. You'll find shops and bars as well as classic arcade games & funfair rides. If the sea air is making you hungry then there's plenty of food options including the perennial favourites doughnuts, fish 'n' chips and Brighton Rock. Or you can just sit back and relax on a deckchair - after you've seen the Palace Pup of course! Palace Pup reflects the colour and fun of the Pier as well as the unavoidable seagulls.

Phtoo of the sealife snowdog

After the Pier we're going to take in just one more pooch so head back to the upper promenade and use the crossing to get to the Sea Life Brighton. At the foot of the stairs you'll find 'Under the Sea' another of my personal favourites. You'll see that this cutie has explored the depths of the oceans, in fact she still has her goggles on. Her underwater design features Nemo, Dory, an octopus and seahorses. As we've finished today's trail make sure you go into the Sea Life to see the live versions of these underwater animals - and lots more! You'll also be visiting the country's oldest operating aquarium which features stunning Victorian architecture.

Other places to look out for along the seafront trail area:

To download the full trail map head to our website or pick one up from one of our Visitor Information Points. Don't forget the Snowdogs are art sculptures so please respect them and do not climb on or graffiti them. The Snowdogs are supporting the Martlets so if you would like to donate text SDOG16 £3 to 70070.





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