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Well as promised here is our second Snowdogs post of the week to make up for not doing one last week :) So today we will be taking in the Western Road / Regency area of the city...

For this trail we will be starting at Churchill Square Shopping Centre, if you are travelling by train the centre is a 10-15 minute walk just head south down Queens Road and turn right at the Clock Tower. If you are staying in the city, the shopping centre is easy to get to on foot as it's a short walk from the seafront and The Lanes or you can use a Brighton & Hove Bus as almost all the main bus routes include a stop at or near Churchill Square.

Our first Snowdog is sitting outside the centre sitting in between the Twins - this is the official name of the big round sculptures here. To be honest this is probably my least favourite dog, the artwork is fantastic but there is something sinister about the big mouth and the teeth. I do like the smiley lolly though :)

Photo of Churchill Square snowdog

You won't have to walk far for the next dog although if you get distracted by all the shops it might take a little while to get there! Our next dog is inside the shopping centre on the lower level and Mod Dog is sure to raise a smile. As most of you are probably away Brighton was (still is!) synonomous with the Mod scene which was famously captured in the classic film Quadrophenia featuring a legendary soundstrack by The Who. Mod Dog includes all the key elements from Parkers to Scooters.

Photo of the mod themed snowdog

After Churchill Square walk back towards the Clock Tower and then turn right down West Street as we head towards the seafront. Cross over to the main promenade although stay on the upper level by the road rather then going down to the beach level. On your right you'll pass the Brighton Centre and the iconic big hotels The Grand and the Hilton Brighton Metropole. Just before you reach British Airways i360 you'll find Bobby. Bobby is very pretty with flowers & butterflies and even a Bowie-esque lightening design over one eye.

Photo of Bobby the Snowdog

Keep heading West along the seafront (staying on the upper promenade) past the i360 and Regency Square until you get to our Victorian bandstand guarded by Flower. With a name like Flower you will probably expect lots of bright colours but this dog is striking in black with a white petal design.

Photo of a snowdog

We'll carry on heading West to find our next dog and as you pass the Peace Statue you are now crossing the border from Brighton into Hove. As you walk along take a moment to look at the seafront railings as you'll notice they change from the Brighton turquoise to the Hove green. The walk along the prom will take you alongside Hove Lawns which plays host to several festivals throughout the year. After about 10 minutes you'll find Pebbles who clearly loves being in Hove as her design features the famous colourful Hove beach huts.

Photo of a snowdog

For our final dog of the day we'll head back inland so cross over the main road (Kingsway / A259) and walk up Adelaide Crescent. Here you will find some of the best Regency architecture in the city and if the curtains are drawn be prepared to get home envy when you see the size of some of the living rooms! The crescent feeds into Palmeria Square where you will find Dave the Dog - one of the most glamorous Daves you will ever meet (probably). Residents will probably experience a sense of déjà vu as they admire Dave's shiny fiery coat. The reason for this is that the owner of the Golden Lion Group pubs (Dave's sponsors) owns a Bentley with the same orange into red design.

Photo of a snowdog

From Palmeira Square there are buses heading East and West to take you across the city. Alternatively head East along Western Road and walk back to the city centre, it's about a 20 minute walk with plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants to explore along the way.

Other places to look out for in the Western Road / Regency trail area:

To download the full trail map head to our website or pick one up from one of our Visitor Information Points. Don't forget the Snowdogs are art sculptures so please respect them and do not climb on or graffiti them. The Snowdogs are supporting the Martlets so if you would like to donate text SDOG16 £3 to 70070.





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