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Well here we are at the final Snowdogs trail post 😞 The pack will be on the streets until Sunday 27th November so this is your last chance to see them out & about. They will then disappear for a couple of weeks before coming together for the Festive Farewell at the Corn Exchange on the 4th & 5th December.

Our final walkabout takes us into Hove, if it's a nice day then I would recommend walking along the seafront. As you head west the seafront promenade becomes wider and calmer, you'll also see the stunning Regency architecture as well as the cute and colourful beach huts. Walking from Brighton Pier to Hove takes about 30-40 minutes so if you would prefer a bus there are plenty of options from the city centre, the main routes are 1, 6 and 49.

Today's trail will start on the seafront just passed Hove Lawns at the bottom of Medina Terrace. This is another of my favourite pooches. This one has a simple design as he has soft, velvety fur but what makes me smile is the cheeky sticking-out tongue 😝

Photo of Snowbrador on Hove seafront

As we say goodbye to Snowbrador we'll head inland so walk up Medina Terrace and then cross at the traffic lights to walk up Osborne Villas. Then cross the next set of traffic lights and walk up George Street. There are no Snowdogs here but you will find plenty of shops and cafés to keep you entertained. At the top of the street turn left into Blatchington Road for a bit more shopping before turning right to go up Sackville Road. Sackville Road will take you uphill and it is fairly long & steep so be warned!

At the top of the road turn right and you'll see the entrance to Hove Park & our next Snowdog. This is another decorative pup covered in flowers which seems fitting for his parkside location! Although, for me the name doesn't quite fit the design as this Snowdog is called Marty - maybe it's because I'm a geek but for me that name will always be linked to Back to the Future and Doc Brown exclaiming "Marty!" If I had realised this dog has this name ahead of time then I would have been expecting a Delorean themed dog. Just thought I should warn you that the name doesn't match the design in case there are any other geeks reading this post!

Photo of the Hove Park snowdog

From Hove Park we are going to retrace our steps a bit and head back down Sackville Road, pass Blatchington Road and carry on to the bottom of Sackville Road. Turn right onto New Church Road and on your right you will find Hove Museum which is currently being guarded by Max. Max has a very decorative design featuring flowers and butterflies, I was also pleased to see that he has been provided with a bowl of water as being an adorable Snowdog is thirsty work! Before leaving the museum pop inside to see some of the snowpups which have been designed by local school children (there are also some in Hove Library).

Photo of the snowdog at Hove Museum

And now we will make our way to Hove Lagoon to find our final Snowdog which ironically is the first Snowdog on the map. To get to Hove Lagoon you can either walk down Westbourne Villas and then on to the seafront and then head west to the lagoon. If it's a breezy day you may prefer to carry on walking along New Church Road and then turn down Wish Road and on to Hove Lagoon. Our final dog is Boomer and he resides inside the Big Beach Café so make sure you check that they are open before you go looking for him. Boomer has been sponsored by one of the cafés owners - Norman Cook aka FatBoy Slim - so it's no surprise to see that he is a music lover. Boomer has a big boombox on the side and it's not just for show as he does play music - perhaps he'll become a club DJ after he leaves the trail? After all that walking stay at the café for some food & drink and don't forget to scan the app to unlock a special offer.

Photo of hte snowdog at Big Beach Café

Boomer was a highlight for me as not only was he my final dog on the trail but I met another fan who had also just completed the trail. My new friend was about 8 years old and was helpfully giving me some tips on how to scan the app. He then went on to tell me that Dave was the first dog he'd found but Rocco was his favourite. It was lovely to meet such an enthusiastic fan and to see first-hand how much people have embraced the trail.

Other places to look out for in Hove:

  • Skyfall Restaurant
  • The Ginger Pig
  • Cycle Brighton
  • Sussex County Cricket Club
  • Café Chilli
  • Modelo Lounge
  • Lagoon Watersports

To download the full trail map head to our website or pick one up from one of our Visitor Information Points. Don't forget the Snowdogs are art sculptures so please respect them and do not climb on or graffiti them. The Snowdogs are supporting the Martlets so if you would like to donate text SDOG16 £3 to 70070.





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