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A few reasons why Brighton is the best student city for International students

Whatever springs to mind when you think about Brighton, one thing is for certain – there can be a few better places to be a student, especially an International Student coming to the UK. Our city by the sea has a diverse arts and music scene, and wide-ranging mix of retail stores and independent shops, bars, cafes and restaurants.

UK has a long tradition and worldwide reputation for being at the forefront ofHigh quality international Education and is a top destination for international students from all parts of the world, who can choose from a number of International colleges and Language Schools too. I believe that university is not just about obtaining a degree – it is also a way of life.

Photo of the colourful beach huts in Hove

So what makes Brighton one of the top places to study?
If you are studying at a Language School, Colleges or University. Brighton’s famously renowned educational institutions offer a diverse range of courses and great local services to help you succeed in your academic studies and prepare for a successful career. Besides the obvious reasons like being a stone’s throw away from Brighton’s famous beach, Brighton also offers local academic services to help you cope with exam and assignment stress. These services range from proofreading, editing and translations for your thesis, assignments, essays or dissertations. Also heaper bus and train travel options for students, travel agents and weekend excursions for you to choose from.

Need I say more? Of course being so close to the sea is a wonderful reason to study in Brighton. Not to mention it is an hour away by train, from London. A good reason to take a walk or just sit and gaze of at wonderful expanse of nature.

Pubs and Restaurants
Brighton is full of many different restaurants with cuisines ranging from Mexican Food to a variety of Japanese choices, Italian, Indian and lots more. Pubs also make a large part of Brighton’s culture, so if you’re taking a break from your studying schedule and in the mood for a Sunday Roast or just Fish and Chips, this is the place to be.

Cafés and Wi-Fi Spots to study in:
If you are looking for a different kind of atmosphere other than sitting in your dorm room, most of the café’s and popular Coffee Shops have free Wi-Fi for your availability. There are also free public wifi hotspots in the city centre.

If you are a sports enthusiast or just looking for an outlet for your exam stress, Brighton offers many significant off-campus activity options ranging from leisure activities like volleyball, sailing, swimming and boat rides to football and basketball. You can also join one of the many Sports clubs located right next to the beach to play some indoor Badminton, Table tennis or Cricket.

English language proficiency
Another main ‘pull’ factor for international students looking to join a Language School, Brighton has lots of prospects to study in English and improve your English language skills, which can improve your ability to understand and communicate with people all over the world.




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