The Big Fun Run is taking place at Hove Park on Saturday 14th July. Get ready to lace up those trainers after reading our five reasons why you should take part in a 5k fun run in Brighton.

Photo of people taking part in the Big Fun Run

1. Everyone can take part

An essential element of Brighton’s character is it’s inclusive spirit and diverse population made up of fun, quirky and colourful individuals. Big Fun Run is no different and welcomes people of all ages (whether you’ve reached your 1st birthday or your 100th!) and all fitness abilities to make a fantastic, fun mix. The beauty of the event is that everyone can take part!

2. Take advantage of scenic training routes

Brighton is of course best known for being a coastal city, meaning those long, flat stretches along the promenade and stunning sea views are a real treat for training. With over 40% of Brighton also declared as a national park, you won’t be short of scenic routes to explore and clock up some training miles.

3. Be in a happy place

It’s no secret Brighton is regularly voted one of the happiest places to live in the UK and with good reason! We all know the benefits of regular exercise for our bodies, keeping active can have a huge impact on mental health, mood and happiness too. Getting involved in a fun run in the happiness capital of the UK is a fantastic place to begin your fitness journey, celebrate progress or simply have fun. A 5k is an achievable distance for most people and you’ll be sure to cross the finish line with a massive smile on your face and soak up the positivity around you.

4. There’s strength in numbers

Completing your first 5k may be a personal challenge you set yourself but this doesn’t mean you need to go it alone. With a supportive running community in Brighton at your disposal, a simple search online or asking a friend or colleague can point you in the direction of a running group that suits you. It’s also not uncommon to see groups of mums with toddlers, dads with prams and groups of friends gathering together at the Big Fun Run start line to achieve their goals together. Get your family and friends involved and enjoy sharing your achievements with your new running buddies.

5. It’s only the beginning

With a range of other running events in Brighton throughout the year collecting your Big Fun Run finishers medal is just the beginning. Whether you keep training to try another fun run or set your sights on stepping up to a longer distance, you’re achievements can take you wherever you want to be.

Feeling inspired? Visit the Big Fun Run website to join the fun and enter this local 5k event today.




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