“Life is all about having dreams and following them” said Adrian Bunting – founder of the Brighton Open Air Theatre (BOAT).

Last night certainly felt like a beautiful dream! Nestled within the wood-like grounds of Dyke Road Park is the Brighton Open Air Theatre. We had come to watch A Midsummer Night’s Dream by This Is My Theatre Company.

We arrived an hour before the performance started laden with all sorts of goodies for our picnic. The rest of the audience seemed to have the same idea! We settled down with our blankets, cushions, food and drink and enjoyed the magical atmosphere of the park. Music was playing from the actors to keep us entertained as we tucked in to our picnic.

The performance started at 7pm and for 2 hours we were invited into the magical world of Midsummer Night’s Dream. The 6 young actors literally breathed new life into one of Shakespeare’s finest comedies. Their energy, wit and talent were a pleasure to witness. Each taking on many roles they bounced around the stage and weaved in and around the audience with mega amounts of enthusiasm.

As well as making us laugh over and over again, an important part of this performance was the music. Traditional Gaelic, English folk and instrumentals were used to differentiate between the characters. Listening to the beautiful harmonies against the sunset backdrop whilst sitting in the open air topped the evening off perfectly - I’m sure Shakespeare would have envisioned his play to be enjoyed exactly this way!

Throughout the play, background sound came from the natural environment. Birds twittered their sweet birdsong as they perched amongst the lush green trees and bushes. It reminded us of how lucky we are to have this hidden gem right here on our doorstep in Brighton.

The hours flew by and before we knew it the play was over. A truly deserved standing ovation was given to the fantastic spirited thespians.    

As we approach the summer solstice, I really can’t think of a better way to spend a summers evening than in the beautiful surroundings of the BOAT watching this magical and hilarious performance by such talented and inspiring actors.

Thank you for a thoroughly entertaining evening. We highly recommend everyone else goes to see this before it moves on after Saturday!





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