This morning I took the slow road into work and tracked down all the snails in Hove on my way to the VisitBrighton office.

I started at Hove Park, but you could reverse the trail and begin at Palmeira Square if you’d prefer. Hove Park is around a 12 minute walk from Hove train station and there are bus stops on Old Shoreham Road and Goldstone Crescent too. You’ll find Persephone the snail by the Old Shoreham Road entrance to the park – she’s designed by artist Manic Minotaur and a lovely colourful start to the trail!

Photo of Snailspace snail Persephone

Next we are headed to Stoneham Park, so leave Hove Park and turn right on Old Shoreham Road. Carry on along here until you reach Aldrington Avenue on the left and turn down here. Walk to the end of the road, turn left and then right and go under the bridge. On the other side, turn right and then left onto Tamworth Road, where you’ll see an entrance to Stoneham Park. Home Sweet Home is just the other side of the gate and I may be biased as he’s my closest snail, but I think he’s brilliant. He’s been designed by Illona Clark and offers all the comforts of a truly mobile home wherever he wanders. I love the round door on his shell!

Photo of Snailspace snail Home Sweet Home

From here we’re going to head to Hove Lagoon, so leave Stoneham Park via the gate at the other side of the park and turn right onto Marmion Road. Take a left onto School Road and cross Portland Road at the zebra crossing to head down St. Heliers Avenue. Carry on down to the seafront and once you’re there, head right. Hove Lagoon is just a little way along and outside Big Beach Café you’ll find the very cool Fast Forward the Mixtape Snail, who’s been designed by local street artist Cassette Lord. If you’d like, have a stop off at the café for refreshments while you’re there too!

Photo of Snailspace snail Fast Forward

To find the next snail, we want to walk back along the seafront towards Brighton. At Medina Terrace, you’ll find I Ain’t No Slug, who’s a great one for children as you can sit in him (please remember he is the only one of the snails where this is permitted!).

Photo of Snailspace sculpture I ain't no slug

Now we want to go inland, so head up Medina Terrace, turn left on King’s Road and cross the road at Osborne Villas. Walk to the end of the road, cross over again and walk to around half way down George Street, where The Trail of Treasured Memories is located. Designed by Sussex born and bred artist Liam Smith, the woodland trail design harks back to childhood days spent at Ashdown Forest – and there are symbols of other people’s precious memories intertwined throughout too.

Photo of Snailspace snail The Trail of Treasured Memories

It’s just a short walk from here to our next snail at Hove Town Hall. Retrace your steps up George Street, turn left and carry on down the road and you’ll find Dotty, a very pretty snail whose design, by Christina Eden, is inspired by the lives touched by the Martlets hospice team. Each of her 1505 dots represents a person that Martlets will have cared for in a single year. What a beauty.

Photo of Snailspace snail Dotty

There are just two snails left now and I decided to visit the one on Hove Promenade first. From Hove Town Hall, continue along Church Road towards Brighton until you reach First Avenue and then turn right here to head towards the seafront (I had a pit stop at The Flour Pot Bakery en route!). You’ll see The Leaf Snail Hunt on the other side of Hove Lawns and this one’s a fun one – see how many snails you can count hidden amongst the leaves. Artist Jo Moore has designed this as a game for children of all ages – hopefully that includes big kids too!

Photo of Snailspace Snail The Leaf Snail Hunt

The final snail on our Hove trail is the beautiful Soraya at the Floral Clock. Cross back over the road and walk round Adelaide Crescent to Palmeira Square. Carry on along until you reach Western Road and then cross over, where you’ll see Soraya in pride of place! Artist Sarah Arnett has taken inspiration from the pleasure gardens of the 18th century for this snail and the intricate design depicts an array of plants, ponds and half-hidden wonders. A stunning snail to end our trail with!

Photo of Snailspace Snail Soraya

From Palmeira Square, you can walk or hop on a bus to the city centre or back out towards Hove. I hope you enjoyed seeing the Hove snails as much as I did!

Other places to look out for in Hove:


You can download the full trail map from our website or pick up a printed copy from one of our Visitor Information Points. Don't forget the Snails are art sculptures so please respect them and do not climb on or graffiti them. The Snails are supporting the Martlets so if you would like to donate text Slow18£3 to 70070 and/or download the official Snailspace app.


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As the leaves turn golden in Autumn 2018, Martlets and Wild in Art will be coming out of their shells as The Snailway arrives in Brighton & Hove. #BeMoreSnail



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