We’re going to begin our tour of the snails of Kemptown at Old Steine, which is easy to reach as it’s just off the seafront by Brighton Palace Pier, or about a 15 minute walk from the train station. Alternatively, Brighton & Hove buses from most directions stop here too.

We’re off to a great start as there are four snails around the edges of the southern part of Old Steine Gardens. First we meet Bellisimo, a wonderfully colourful snail designed by Jenny Leonard and featuring Brighton’s beach huts on one side of his shell and the Royal Pavilion on the other.

Photo of Snailspace Bellisimo

If you’re facing Bellisimo, turn left and follow the path round the garden and you’ll come across Snails Can’t Dance, which has been designed by children’s book illustrator and author Guy Parker-Rees and is covered in a whole host of dancing animals! See if you can spot the snail and beetles hidden in the design too.

Photo of Snailspace Snails Can't Dance

Follow the path round and you’ll find Paisley – a favourite of mine so far! This pretty snail is designed by Emma McGowan and includes paisley print and a bubbly pattern, which is a nod to a court case named Paisley Snail that it’s based on, which involved a woman suing a fizzy drinks company after finding a snail in her bottle of pop!

Photo of Snailspace Paisley

Finally at Old Steine Gardens is Saffron. Another colourful snail, Saffron has been designed by Ilona Drew and is inspired by the simple beauty of real snail shells and the artist’s love of intricate shapes and bright colours.

Photo of Snailspace Saffron

Next, we’re heading into Kemp Town along the seafront. There’s quite a lot of walking on this tour, so you’ll want to allow a bit of time and you may want to catch the Volk’s Electric Railway to the Halfway Station to save your feet. If not, take a leisurely stroll along the seafront and down Madeira Drive until you reach Duke’s Mound (which is just a few minutes’ walk from Halfway Station). Walk up Duke’s Mound and at the top is Mr Watts, though he’s usually found at the Bottom of the Garden – in the snail space! He has been designed by artist Judith Berrill and poet and author David Attree and has a hidden tale to tell – look for the 10 little snails hiding on him and keep an eye on the coloured lines in the poem too!

Photo of Snailspace Mr Watts

From here, we’re going to walk along Marine Parade back towards the city centre – take in the wonderful views of the sea on the way! You’ll soon come across Things Are Looking Up – a striking black snail with a starling motif and a hint of sparkle, if you look closely. This snail has been designed by Sarah Jane Hughes and is inspired by the spectacular starling murmurations that take place in the skies of Brighton & Hove.

Photo of Snailspace Things are looking up

Next, we’re heading back inland, so cross the road at one of the available crossings and head down Portland Place. At the end of the road, turn left onto St George’s Road and walk down until you reach Montague Place on the right hand side. Head along here and at the end, on the corner of Montague Place and Eastern Road, is Woniu. Designed by Jessica Perrin, Woniu is part-snail, part-Chinese dragon, so don’t get too close – he might breathe fire!

Photo of Snailspace Woniu

We’ve got a roughly 15 minute walk from here to our next – and final – snail at The Pepper Pot. Cross Eastern Road and walk down Sutherland Road until you reach Evelyn Terrace on the left. Turn onto here and walk along and through the gate into Queen’s Park. Follow the path across the top of the park and leave at the north-west corner; walk down Tower Road and you’ll find The Pepper Pot and our last snail – Felicity! Designed by Katherine Griffin, Felicity is a reminder of the abundance of beauty to be found in nature. She’s a lovely snail to finish the tour on – I particularly like the fox on her shell.

Photo of Snailspace Felicity

As luck would have it, our last snail is right next to a bus stop, so if you’re all walked out you can hop on a bus back into the city centre. Alternatively, it’s about a twenty minute walk back the Old Steine where we began!

Other places to look out for in Kemptown:


You can download the full trail map from our website or pick up a printed copy from one of our Visitor Information Points. Don't forget the Snails are art sculptures so please respect them and do not climb on or graffiti them. The Snails are supporting the Martlets so if you would like to donate text Slow18£3 to 70070 and/or download the official Snailspace app.


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As the leaves turn golden in Autumn 2018, Martlets and Wild in Art will be coming out of their shells as The Snailway arrives in Brighton & Hove. #BeMoreSnail



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