From Saturday 17th November to 3rd December 2018 Kellie Miller Arts will run their final exhibition for 2018 -‘Cadence’.  This exhibition is extra special as it coincides with the gallery’s 5th birthday. Congratulations! 

In case you were wondering about the title of the show, Cadence is a musical term, which denotes a rhythmic or harmonic pattern, especially patterns in which something is experienced.

The term Cadence is used to express change, possibly a change in direction, subject matter or chemical changes in materials. This is a bold step for an artist to take but if they do decide to take a change of direction then anything is possible!  

Kellie Miller tells us some more about the works of art which will be on display during the exhibition:

Jonathan Smith who will be revealing his cityscape pieces for this exhibition. 

Photo of artwork by Jonathan Smith

His luminous paintings will always be preoccupied by light, colour, space, surface and depth, regardless of the nature of the subject.  Like the exhibition title, there is a timeless flow, honesty and integrity to his work.

Paul Wearing is capturing the Cadence flow by his craft.  Yet, like a magician, there is alchemy in his preferred material.  In transforming clay, he is a conductor directing each element yet still allowing space for the unexpected to occur.  His urban and landscaped inspired vessels convey a sense of antiquity, embracing small and incremental change.

Photo of artwork by Paul Wearing

Trevor Scobie put aside his meticulous photorealistic paintings, secure in the knowledge that he knows his craft well enough to produce free-spirited, Monet inspired works.

Photo of artwork by Trevor Scobie

His new works are organic tidal landscapes using textures, observing the essence of the transient nature of ever changing weather.  By capturing these turbulent expanses, he shows us elements of the ever-changing state of our own lives.


Kellie Miller Arts
Kellie Miller Arts

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