It will be odd walking to the office next week and not seeing the adorable Snailspace sculptures. It’s funny how quickly I got used to seeing them across the city and even though there were some that I saw several times they never failed to make me smile. However we mustn’t get too down hearted as there is still one last chance to see the gorgeous gastropods when they reunite for the farewell event and let’s not forget that the snails are leaving so they can be auctioned off and help raise vital funds for the Martlets. A very important job! 

So before we say our final farewell I wanted to share with you my top 10 snails from the trail. Of course they are all lovely but these are my favourites, so in no particular order we have… 


Photo of Snailspace sculpture Geronimo
While I have literally just said these are in no particular order I have picked Geronimo first because he was the first one I saw in the wild! On my way into work I usually cut through The Level so seeing this colourful chappie every morning helped to cheer me up, ready to face the day. 


Photo of Prisnailla Snailspace sculpture from a distance and close-up
From first to last. I was determined to see all of the 50 big snails out on the streets and this was the last one I found. With most of the other snails I visited a few at a time but I made a special journey just for Prisnailla so after walking along the seafront to Brighton Marina; turning the corner and spotting her gazing off into the distance was a happy moment. 


Photo of Snailspace sculpture Iris taken from both sides.
This was one of the snails I was particularly looking forward to seeing. A few years ago I saw the documentary film about Iris Apfel, simply called Iris. Before seeing the film I wasn’t aware of her but I loved her outlook on life and her fun relationship with her husband and this snail was a gorgeous tribute to this inspirational lady. Sadly I don’t think Iris would have seen me too clearly as her iconic glasses had gone missing but I’m sure she’ll have them back for the Farewell event. 

Inca Snail

Photo of Inca Snail
This is another of the snails that I saw on a regular basis and even on the greyest of days this bold, colourful character helped brighten up the day. This cheeky snail even managed to photobomb the Duke & Duchess of Sussex when they visited the Royal Pavilion!

Welcome Home

Photo of Welcome Home snailspace sculpture
This snail I saw towards the end of the trail when I realised I only had a few left to see before I’d completed the list. So for this one I was focused more on ticking snails off rather than appreciating each one however that changed as soon as I got there and actually read the story behind the design. The cute cartoons of snails are actually representative of a deeper message. Inspired by the work of the Martlets who create a ‘home from home’ environment both for patients and their families, the snails reflect the idea that being ‘at home’ can be something we carry with us rather than literally being at our own house.  

Sparkle Snail

Photos of Sparkle Snail taken from the side and the back
Funnily enough this snail I visited just after seeing Welcome Home and this one was another lovely reminder of the #BeMoreSnail message. Walking up Dyke Road wondering where in the park the next snail would be, I suddenly spotted a burst of colour. This pretty snail has a simple but important message - to spread joy. While the Snailspace message of #BeMoreSnail is about slowing down, it is also about enjoying the little things so Sparkle’s reminder to ‘Be Joyful’ is an important one. 


Photo of Snailspace Saffron from front and side
I’ve added Saffron to the list simply because she’s cute. While others I’ve picked because I liked their story or I saw them regularly and became attached to them, with Saffron I just liked her colourful design and the fact that she looks calm & contented. Another reminder to enjoy quiet moments rather than always worrying about what we might be missing out on (ie forget FOMO).  


Photo of Poppy snailspace snail
The night before I saw Poppy had been a really wild, wet & windy evening so walking along in the sunshine and seeing Poppy was a welcome contrast. Having a snail beautifully painted with poppies in the centenary year of the end of the First World War is a touching tribute and a reminder to treasure our loved ones as life, like a poppy, is fleeting and fragile. 

Emily’s Journey

Photo of Emily's Journey taken from the front and the side
This was another snail that made me stop in my tracks. I was dashing along Western Road when I spotted the green and blue shell. Much as I love Brighton I do sometimes like to escape the city and enjoy a walk in the countryside - luckily the South Downs are a short bus ride away - so seeing the rolling hills on the back of her shell brought back happy memories. I also like the fact that the artist, Joanna Martin, has included lines from Nikki Jones poem encouraging people to look up - take a break from the screen and appreciate what is happening around you.

A Spin Around Brighton

Photo of A Spin Around Brighton snail with the Mayor, the VisitBrighton team and artist Lauren Nickless
Well of course our beloved Spin was going to be on the list! Naturally this is my favourite snail, it has been a pleasure working with Lauren Nickless on this and I know we will both be gutted to say goodbye to Spin! I love the day & night scenes of Brighton and the clever way that Lauren has managed to incorporate so many of our city’s icons - it’s one of those pieces where the more you look at it, the more you see. I have to give an extra special mention to the pebbles as back at the start of the project we said that we didn't want to mislead people into thinking Brighton beach is sandy so bless her, Lauren spent hours painstakingly painting hundreds of pebbles - thank you Lauren!

‘Spin’ has had an exciting time during Snailspace as he started the event up at London Victoria Station, bringing cheer to commuters before slithering down to Brighton where he was welcomed by the Mayor and received a visit from FatBoy Slow! Being just outside Brighton Town Hall meant Spin was there at the beginning and end of each working day and I’ve loved seeing people interact with him. I will miss him but I can’t wait to see who buys him and I’m sure he will help raise a lot of money for the Martlets. 

So there you have it, my Top 10 snails. What do you think? Don’t forget the snails will be back together again for the Farewell Event at St Augustine’s (30 November - 2 December) and then on Monday 3rd December they will be up for auction. 

Don’t forget these gorgeous snails have been here to make us smile but they are also raising funds for the Martlets so if you have enjoyed seeing them then please remember to donate, you can do this by texting Slow18£3 to 70070 or online via the Martlets website 

Thank you, Charlotte




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