On this Snailway route, we’re starting at Churchill Square – easily accessible by bus and a 10 minute walk from the train station. Outside, between the two sculptures (which are called Twins in case you didn’t know!), you’ll find Disco Snail, who is mirrored just like a disco ball. Disco is one of my favourites, when it’s sunny the light bounces off the metallic surface and makes him sparkle!

Photo of Disco Snail outside Churchill Square

There is also a snail inside Churchill Square, so head in and down to the ground floor, where Celebrighton is located. This snail is a visual menagerie of Brighton culture, from beach huts and exciting attractions to sea life and rainbow hues. This is certainly a snail with a lot of personality.

Photo of snail inside Churchill Square

The next snail on our route is at Norfolk Square, so once you’ve had a look round the shops, leave Churchill Square and turn left onto Western Road. Continue along until you reach the square (about 10 minutes), where you’ll find Emily’s Journey. Inspired by the young daughter of one of the artists’ friends, this snail features gorgeous illustrations of blue skies and countryside, alongside a poem to remind us to look up occasionally and see the beauty in the world. A very strong #BeMoreSnail message!

Photo of a snailspace sculpture

Our final three snails on this trail are all along the seafront, so head down towards the sea and turn left onto King’s Road. Next to the bandstand is Life in the Slow Lane; you’ll need to cross the road to take a good look. To encourage people to slow down, this snail is covered in intriguing and intricate doodles. Take some time out to study Life in the Slow Lane’s shell and you’ll discover elements that weren’t immediately obvious, as well as some hidden snails.

Photo of a Snailspace sculpture

Our next snail is outside the Hilton Metropole, so cross back over the road and carry on along until you reach the hotel. Iris is just outside the entrance and she shares her name with American fashion icon Iris Apfel, who is also the inspiration behind her design: Apfel’s ethos to “live life in colour” is clear in the bright pattern on her shell. Sadly when I visited Iris, her glasses were missing. I don’t know why anyone would want to steal poor Iris’s glasses, but I hope if they’re replaced they’ll remain where they should be!

Photo of a snailspace sculpture

There is also a snail outside The Grand, so continue along King’s Road and you’ll soon see Arthur, who features hand drawn illustrations of Regency and modern architecture alongside ancient and contemporary sculptures; seaside memorabilia and quirky signs and symbols, so fits in very well at this particular spot.

Photo of a snailspace sculpture

The final snail for this tour is across the road from The Salt Room so you’ll need to go back on yourself a little bit and then cross over. Hokusai is another favourite of mine. The design incorporates the famous woodblock print by the artist of the same name and works brilliantly well in front of the sea, particularly as the snail’s shell also features an illustration of the West Pier, which as you can see in the photo below he is right in front of. The day I visited Hokusai it was rather gloomy and I think his design is an excellent depiction of a moody Brighton sea too!

Photo of a snailspace sculpture

Bonus snail! As I still had some time to spare I decided to take the Volk’s Electric Railway - after saying hello to the junior snails in the workshop - to visit Brighton Marina to see Prisnailla, the city’s very own drag queen snail. She was certainly worth the visit!

Photo of snailspace sculpture at Brighton Marina

Things to look out for on the route:


You can download the full trail map from our website or pick up a printed copy from one of our Visitor Information Points. Don't forget the Snails are art sculptures so please respect them and do not climb on or graffiti them. The Snails are supporting the Martlets so if you would like to donate text Slow18£3 to 70070 and/or download the official Snailspace app.


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As the leaves turn golden in Autumn 2018, Martlets and Wild in Art will be coming out of their shells as The Snailway arrives in Brighton & Hove. #BeMoreSnail



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