What better and funnier way to spend a Monday evening than seeing Benidorm Live at Theatre Royal Brighton, this much loved original hit TV show is now on tour for 4 weeks and brings to the stage many of the much loved characters and cast.

Photo of the cast of Benidorm Live at Theatre Royal Brighton

The show opens with the disgruntled posh couple Sophie and Ben perfectly played, by Tricia Adele-Turner and Bradley Clarkson, checking in the down at heel Solana Benidorm with is noted 4 stars above the door (and one hanging off the sign) after a mix up with their original booking.  Ben seems to relish the idea of a fun holiday for a couple of nights but Sophie is far from impressed and can’t wait to get back to their original hotel. 

From this it transpires that the hotel is set for a take-over with staff jobs at risk and the couple get mistaken for the hotel inspectors much to the alarm of the hotels manager Joyce Temple-Savage.  Hostess extraordinaire with big hair to match, Ms Temple-Savage, played wonderfully by Sherrie Hewson, treats the couple like royalty but in the ensuing confusion all is not what it seems!

To our delights the main characters from the TV show do not disappoint, Tony Maudsley as Kenneth, the larger than life, camp and loud manager of the hotel’s salon, Blow and Go, gets flustered as he’s pursued by Gay Derek, brilliantly played by Damian Williams and is an old ‘’swinger’’ friend of the wonderful Jacqueline (Janine Duvitski) whose lines are innuendo after inappropriate innuendo, too blue to quote here but keeping us in stitches throughout the whole show. 

Photo of 'Blow & Go' at Benidorm Live

Everyone has a soft spot for the adorable Liam (Adam Gillen) who is missing his cross dressing father Lesley and brings brilliant comedy with his stubborn denial of his own sexuality (Kenneth’s eye’s roll)

Act 2 opens in Neptune’s Bar, of course, and Lothario barman Mateo (Jake Canuso) hits the stage with his own stirring Spanish dancing with an outfit to rival any on Strictly, to crown the performance he’s then joined, or possibly interrupted, by Kenneth in full flamenco drag, looking like a giant Spanish doll, red lips, frills and all, which has to be one of the highlights of the whole show. 

Photo of Neptune's Bar scene of Benidorm Live at Theatre Royal Brighton

This stage version brings together everything you would hope for from the TV show and more with an added sprinkling of camp, sequins, music and dancing, the original cast are joined by new faces bringing unadulterated fun to the whole performance. 





  1. BGT
    Watched this showing opening night. Absolutely fabulous and funny from beginning to end.

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