Despite the sizzle of Valentine’s dying out, the Theatre Royal continues to celebrate everlasting love with a brilliant new musical production of Ghost.

Photo of the production of Ghost at Theatre Royal Brighton

A fantastic show about loss, love and hope which is based on the double Academy Award winning movie Ghost, a huge success story, both critically and at the box office, where it was the highest grossing film in the year of its release. Following the untimely murder of Molly’s partner Sam, this beautiful tale explores themes of love, loss and the after-life in heart-breaking detail. 

Photo from the production of Ghost at Theatre Royal Brighton

Sam tries to avenge his death with the comedic relief of Oda Mae Brown, a phony storefront psychic who provides a lot of laughs along the way, this is definitely a show that makes you laugh one minute and weep the next! For those who love the original film, there are still large parts that have been left unaltered and given a new intimacy when seen performed live on stage. The acting was to the highest standard and both Molly and Sam had breath-taking singing voices; following a spectacular international tour in Dubai the cast have really honed their characters and it shows in the finished piece. A new breath of life has also been given with the fantastic songs and score written by Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard, and you can’t beat hearing a live orchestra!

Photo from the production of Ghost at Theatre Royal Brighton

Unchained Melody fans will delight to learn that the song appears in the show a number of times with different affect each time, sometimes light-hearted and then re-fashioned again later in the show with great emotional impact. You won’t be disappointed by the set either, which gives the show movement and light and provides the perfect vehicle for the story to unfold. Whether you are a diehard Ghost fan or new to the story, this show was a shining light in the dark February calendar.

Never mind hunger for your touch, hunger for a ticket!





  1. Mellissimo
    Absolutely fantastic performance on the first night (Tuesday) by the whole cast. Just such a shame for the cast that the royal circle, second circle and gallery were less than half full.
    I took my family (ranging from age 87 down to 11year old) and we all loved it! In particular, Molly, Oda Mae and Louise stood out for me, however the main two male characters, Sam and Carl, were well cast and also sang with clarity.

    I strongly recommend the show but, of course a couple of areas for improvement perhaps, as below...

    I did wonder slightly about the acoustic balance when Oda Mae first started singing, but hopefully that was sorted out for the subsequent performances. The only other thing that seemed a bit ‘out of place’ was the rap, albeit very ably performed by the subway ghost.

    Good luck for the rest of the tour.

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