This weekend The Old Ship Hotel will be hosting a whiskey festival, so whether you’re already a fan of a wee dram or want to learn more this is the event for you…

Most of us tend to be creatures of habit, once we find something we like we stick to it – whether that’s holidays, restaurants, shops or tipples. I’ve been to quite a few beer festivals and one of the main reasons I enjoy them is because they are a great way to discover a new brewery or type of beer. I think the first time I had an Espresso Beer was at a festival.

Photo of whiskey glasses. Photo Credit: The Whiskey Affair

So this weekend I’m looking forward to the Whiskey Affair which, as you may have guessed from the name, is a Whiskey Festival. My knowledge of whiskey is very limited, although one thing I have picked up is why it is sometimes spelt whiskey but other times it’s whisky. When we think of whisky most of us are probably thinking of Scottish distilleries so when you’re talking about Scotch then it is whisky without the e. If it’s not Scottish then it is whiskey with an ‘e’ – at leats that’s my understanding but I’m sure I’ll be able to confirm this on Saturday!

Photo of actor Nick Offerman drinking Lagavulin whiskey

I generally prefer the more smoky whiskies so my favourites are Ardbeg and Lagavulin – yes I did try Lagavulin because of Ron Swanson but he’s right, it really is the best! I’m also a fan of Ireland’s Bushmills so on Saturday I’m hoping to try some different international whiskies – I know Japan is supposed to produce some excellent ones and apparently Indian whiskies are also good.

I’m sure I’ll also be sampling a cocktail or two whilst I’m there as well as I’m not sure how many neat whiskies I can manage in one afternoon! There will also be experts on hand to answer any whisky (or whiskey!) related questions as well as live music and food.

Tickets can be bought in advance at there will also be tickets on the door.





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