Today we welcome another guest blogger - Patrick - to tell us a bit more about Brighton's spookier side...

Brighton isn’t just famous for its delicious fish and chips, pebble beach and iconic pier - it’s also notorious for being one of the UK’s most haunted locations.

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There are a variety of buildings in Brighton and Hove where sightings of spooky goings on have been reported. Brighton Dome has more than 200 years of history and is considered one of the most haunted venues in the seaside city - but it’s the pubs that have the biggest ghoulish reputation.

There are more than 40 pubs in the Brighton and Hove area alone documented on so let’s take a look at a few of the haunted hostelries. If you’re planning a trip to the area and are curious about ghost stories then we have a few locations that should be on your list.

The Mash Tun

Martha Boxell, the owner of the public house during the First World War, is thought to still live at the pub as a resident ghost. There have been reports of items being thrown around, light bulbs being removed and clothes thrown down a staircase. Proprietors have also had the feeling of being watched. Martha Boxall, it seems, likes to cause mischief and mayhem at The Mash Tun.

The Marlborough

The Marlborough is now famous for being a popular gay pub and theatre, but at the turn of the 19th century there were darker goings on at the hostelry. The then landlord of the pub killed his wife - some reports say she was pushed down the stairs and others say she was struck on the head with a bottle. Since that time there have been incidents thought to have been caused by the ghost of the woman - Mrs Packham. Along with bottles jumping from shelves and gas cylinders turning themselves on and off, the ghostly profile of a woman has also been seen in the bar.

The Druid’s Head

Before this building became a pub in 1830 it was a private house. The Druid’s Head has a reported four ghosts - one man, two children and a woman who is said to wear a red dress. There has been a lot of unexplained activity in the public house including glasses flying across the room, mirrors misting over and lights turning themselves on and off. The man is often seen wearing worker’s clothing while the children have been spotted clothed in Victorian dress. It’s the ghostly woman who is seen most often, however, waiting at the bar to be served.

The Pump House

This is one of the oldest buildings in Brighton and the initials of Miss Elliot (who purchased the building in 1766) are on a stone fireplace in one of the bars. Over the years, many of the bar staff have spoken of seeing a middle-aged woman standing at the bar. The women is always wearing a black dress and disappears when she is spoken to. The cellars date back to medieval times so it’s no wonder there are spooky goings on at this historic public house.

The subject of death and dying is still often uncomfortable for people to speak of. But it needn’t and shouldn’t be a taboo topic. Discovering haunted locations on a ghost walk is a great way to gently begin some tricky conversations we should all have to be prepared and make provision for loved ones - there’s a taboo on death that needs to be broken down so why not do it in the most engaging way possible?

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