As we took our seats for Super Sunday (on a Friday!) at Brighton Dome, I wasn't really sure what to expect as the event description doesn't give much away. Although I was a little apprehensive as I'm not a particular fan of acrobatics - however I'm all for trying things and I love any excuse to visit Brighton Dome.

Photo of the Wheel of Death at Brighton Dome

My hestitaiton at seeing at an acrobatic show was purely based on the tiny clips I've seen on television, possibly as part of a variety show where a rather intense performer will do a few stunts and at first I think 'oo how clever' but then start to get a bit bored.

Well I needn't have worried as Race Horse Company were anything but boring! From the outset it was clear that the group were all good friends and genuinely love what they do. There were times where the crew even seemed to surprise themslves at the acrobatics they were able to achieve - in fact we did comment that one of them reminded us of Father Dougal! This is a great show for the Christmas season as there is a real party atmosphere as the guys on stage were here to have a good time as well as dazzling us with their acrobatics - there were plenty of gasps as well as giggles from the audience.

Photo of Super Sunday at Brighton Dome taken by Peter Hellman

Please note there is strobe and flashing lights plus if you are asthmatic (like my boyfriend) then we recommend taking your inhaler as there were some very smokey parts, although please don't let that put you off as it's such a fun show.

Having said the event page didn't give much away I realise I haven't either but I think that was part of the show's charm - you can't really explain what's going on but everyone is having fun and afterwards you'll probably start wondering if you have room for a trampoline. Oh and I'm sure several of the adults enjoyed the second half when the lithe men performed in just their shorts ;)

Despite my last comment this is definitely a family-friendly show and it was lovely to see the children in the audience becoming wrapped up in the performace, a great introduction to the joys of a cultural night out.

The show is on until the 27th December so this is an ideal family treat for that awkward Twixtmas season - ie between Christmas and New Year.





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