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Today we welcome another guest post - Katariina from Light Trick Photography tells us how the pandemic has affected her worklife... 

How to cope during COVID-19 pandemic? What can you do when you lose your income all of a sudden? 

Photo of the Royal Pavilion taken by Light Trick Photography

I’ve been a self-employed photographer for the last 10 years doing conference, event, portrait, commercial and wedding photography. When the pandemic hit us, all my existing bookings got cancelled or postponed. I wondered what I could do to pay for my living when I have no work coming in. 

Due to someone I have to look after at home, I wasn’t able to take on a full time job with long days away. I needed to find a part time job with as short days as possible while still earning enough money to pay my bills. I knew a couple of people who work as a home carer, and I thought that I might enjoy doing that kind of job, and applied. And so I started working in a new profession to replace the lost income from photography. I’ve always liked to help people when I can, but working in this new job I found that I really enjoy doing care for people who aren’t able to care for themselves. 

Photo of Rocket the dog taken by Light Trick Photography

As I have hardly any paid photography work for the time being, I’m mostly using my photography skills to brighten up vulnerable people's evenings by showing them photos I've taken during the day with my mobile phone. Some of the people I care for haven't been out of their home for years (except to go to hospital). For one of them, I took a video of a bird singing in a tree next to her building so she could see the bird whose singing she can hear through her window. Now she mentions the singing little dicky bird almost every time I visit her. Her face always lights up when I show her photos of my dog, too. Or blossoms, the view over the sea from her street, or anything interesting I have seen and taken photos of that day.

Photo of blossom taken by Light Trick Photography

My friends have asked me aren’t I scared to do this kind of work during a pandemic? My answer is always that I’m not scared. I received training in infection prevention before I started seeing clients, and I listen daily to the latest advice from the world's leading epidemiologists and virologists so that I know the best information available to avoid getting infected with SARS-CoV-2, or indeed passing an infection to anyone else. As long as all carers stick to strict infection prevention practices, there is no need to worry.

Being stuck at home can be difficult for many people. Having a purpose helps mentally while we live through this pandemic. Helping others can be very rewarding  - I get that from my new part time job as a home carer. Those who can’t work because of the lockdown could maybe see if they can help any neighbours who are struggling, for example. Leave a note through their letterbox or create an online group for your building or neighbourhood to share the responsibility of looking after the most vulnerable people. You can always find a way to help without actually getting in close contact with anyone.

Also think what you can do instead if you can’t work in your normal occupation at the moment. Can you work in one of the key worker jobs temporarily, for example? Or do you have some product you can sell online? Most people are buying goods online during lockdown and social distancing, so if you can make or already have something you sell online, why not boost your sales by having good quality professional photos on your website. Product photography is something I can still do even in the time of coronavirus. I offer a generous discount from normal rates so that even if you have a small budget, I can help.

If we all help each other, we can get through this pandemic together.

Katariina Jarvinen
Light Trick Photography​​​

Photo of Hove Park blossom taken by Light Trick Photography


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