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Incredibly this is now my sixth Lockdown Friday! I'm starting to adapt to this new normal and I've learnt that Skype instant messenger has some interesting animated emojis including an Emo and a Ninja - not sure why but of course we've been using them!

While there are certain positives to the current situation - no commute and no sales calls being my top two - there are things we miss. For me it's the office banter and you guys! Brighton is normally such a bustling, vibrant city and we're used to having millions of visitors every year and we love it. Of course it will be that buzzing place again but in the meantime we'd love to hear your Brighton stories, please join us on a nostalgia trip and share your #BrightonMemories with us. Actually as I type this Radio X is playing 'I Found Out' by The Pigeon Detectives which instantly takes me back to 2007 and seeing them perform at The Great Escape!

Well as I've started here are a few more of my favourite #BrightonMemories...

The Great Escape

Photo of Eternal Erection performing at the Great Escape Brighton

As I've already mentioned it I might as well start with The Great Escape. I did go to the very first one back in 2006 but as I only went to one night I don't count it as the full experience. For me 2007 and 2008 were the best years - getting the list of bands and plotting a route for each evening, madly running from venue to venue. I seem to remember a particularly mad sprint along the seafront! Musical highlights include seeing Gotye pre-'Somebody That I Used To Know'-fame as well as bouncing around to 'The Pigeon Detectives'. Funny moments include marvelling at someone managing to fall asleep in a corner of the club while a live band were on (I think they were called 'One Night Only') and seeing Eternal Erection playing a gig on top of a bus!

The Duke of York's Picturehouse

Photo of the Duke of York's Picturehouse Brighton

I'm sure I've mentioned on here before that I adore the Duke's Picturehouse. I just love the cosy home-from-home feel, that and the fact you can take a glass of wine and a slice of cake into the screenings with you! Don't worry I'm not about to reel off a list of all the films I've seen here as that would be dull but there are two events that stand out for me. One was taking a press group to the premiere of Brighton Rock - being one of the first to see the film was a privilege and it meant I was in the same room as the great John Hurt! However my most exciting celebrity encounter at the Duke of York's was with none other than Colin Firth! Mr Darcy... oops I mean Mr Firth and his wife were at the cinema to do a live Q&A about the film they had produced. Before the screening they were in the bar with us mere mortals and I can confirm he is just as gorgeous in real life as he is on the screen. At one point he elbowed me, of course he apologised immediately and I think I just about managed to squeak out an 'It's fine'. Swoon!


Photo of Silent Disco at Komedia Brighton

I have done a previous post about my happy Komedia memories as I just love the fact their main mission statement seems to be to make people smile. Whether it's the regular Krater Comedy Club; Musical Bingo; Silent Disco or the insanely uplifting and joy-filled Ultimate Power! Specific highlights for me include seeing Micky Flanigan headline the Krater Comedy Club, there was a lot of giggling but unfortunately the funniest comments were not ones I can share here! Even though the venue is closed the comedy club is still going so do subscribe to their YouTube channel for Komedia Live on Friday nights.

Brighton Pride

Photo of the VisitBrighton team at Brighton Pride 2019

I can't talk about Brighton memories without mentioning Pride. Last year we were lucky enough to be able to take part in the parade - you can read my full thoughts on the experience here - but I have to say it was such an honour to be able to take part in such a positive and heart-warming experience.

Theatre Royal Brighton

Production photo of Waiting for Godot at the Theatre Royal Brighton

Another of my favourite experiences is a trip to the theatre and in Brighton we are lucky enough to have the Theatre Royal. It’s a beautiful building with a rich history, the backstage tour is well-worth doing for inside tales of legendary actors’ such as Sir Laurence Olivier, Peter O’Toole and Marlene Dietrich. My top theatre experience of all time has to be seeing Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart in Waiting for Godot. Naturally the show was sold out and the entire audience was enraptured – they were incredible. I’ve been lucky enough to see a wide variety of shows at the Theatre Royal, in fact one of my earliest dates with my boyfriend was to see the Rocky Horror Show – I insisted everyone dresses up and so he gamely went along with it, however when we first got out of the taxi at the corner of North Street and New Road there was no sign of any other costumes. Thankfully when we got into the theatre everyone else was dressed up as I’m not sure we’d still be together 13 years later if they hadn’t have been!

Brighton Dome

Photo of Editors performing at Brighton Dome in 2018

I promise I’ll let you go soon but I can’t talk about Brighton memories without mentioning seeing Editors at Brighton Dome. They are my favourite band and I’ve seen them a few times but the two times I’ve seen them at the Dome have been the best. The venue is large enough to attract bigger names but still small enough to feel intimate. The stunning art deco design also adds to the atmosphere. In fact I should have been back at the Dome this week to see Nick Offerman but I’m sure I’ll be back there again soon.

I think I'd better stop there as now that I've started there is a real danger that I may never stop! I haven't even started on all the happy memories I have of growing up in Brighton - walks along Hove promenade while trying to eat an ice-cream before it all melts away; racing to see who would be the first to get to top of the Preston Park rockery and of course playing the Dolphin Derby on Brighton Palace Pier!

  • So these are a few of my happy memories now it's your turn, join us on social and share your #BrightonMemories...





  1. Thurlowova
    My earliest memories are of being a tourist in Brighton. In my head they both roll into one, but they are actually two separate occasions.
    My sister moved down to Brighton in the early ‘00’s with her son and so my first introduction to the city was staying with her as a visitor. I was a student at the time and the first occasion I visited was truly memorable it was 2003 and the weekend that the West Pier burnt down. The vision of the huge fire against the Brighton skyline was something I will never forget and has become a iconic image of the city as much as the images of the Mod’s and Rockers of the 1960’s, Brighton Pavilion, or indeed the husk of the site now which is now a bird sanctuary. In fact, I remember at the time, that artists and photographers were selling images of the fire even as the West Pier was still smouldering in the background!

    The second memory was the trigger for me to move to the city. In 2003 I was studying ‘Arts, Galleries and Heritage Management at University and one of the units that fascinated me the most was how the arts had been used to regenerate cities. In May of that year I saw this in its fullest glory when I came to watch my nephew take part in the Children’s Festival as the kick-off to the main May Festival. The sight of tons of kids proudly dancing and marching through the streets with huge colourful puppets that they had made proudly made themselves, amongst the sound of drums, laughter cheering and singing sold the city to me – I was hooked. So, a few months later after graduating from University and persuading my boyfriend to join me – we packed our stuff, hired a van and moved to the city from Norwich. Small considerations like jobs could wait we were ready for a new life in this amazing vibrant city and have never looked back. We have since re-lived this with our own children who have taken part in the parade themselves and I think it is now a memory they will also always treasure.
  2. LuJ
    There's just something so special about Brighton. The mix of people, both resident and visiting are accepting, interesting and a whole lot of fun.

    The best memories of the city include FatBoy Slim's free concerts on the beach, spending my pocket money on the Palace Pier, going to Pride(and, more recently, being IN the parade!) and ice skating at the Royal Pavilion with my kids. It's just the most fabulous place.

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