In Covid-19

Our wonderful tourism businesses are determined to keep us all entertained during this difficult time and the talented Kevin Newman of All-Inclusive History Tours has kindly agreed to share his two novels with us - we'll be publishing a chapter a week.


Prepare to be taken on a time-travelling adventure set in Brighton during the 1990s...

The Preston Park clock tower pictured above plays a key role in the opening scenes of the book.

Beef Every Day But No Latin

Book two is a historical novel based on the real life activities of James Bernard Clifton who set up a school in Hove in 1925 at the age of 11...

The photo above is of The Claremont guest house as it is today but in "Beef Every Day But No Latin" you'll discover it was once used as a school. 

Come back next week for the next installment... 

Thank you Kevin!




  1. Clivegs
    I went to a school at the top of Holland Road, sadly now a block of flats, it was a lot later than this story, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, it took me back 60 odd years, can't wait for the next chapter.

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