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Last week I took a walk down memory lane and shared just a small selection of my own #BrightonMemories with you and it's been lovely to read some of yours. It is wonderful to be able to see what joy the city has brought to us all. 

Here's a few of the #BrightonMemories we've been sent so far but please keep them coming! 


Photo of the Brighton Festival Children's Parade taken by David Matthews

In my post last week I mentioned a couple of festivals and it's no surprise to see that others have happy memories of festivals in Brighton too. The annual Children's Parade, which traditionally opens the Brighton Festival, is a treasured memory for many and was even the reason why Emma made the decision to move to Brighton:

  • "The sight of tons of kids proudly dancing and marching through the streets with huge colourful puppets that they had proudly made themselves, amongst the sound of drums, laughter cheering and singing sold the city to me – I was hooked. So, a few months later after graduating from University and persuading my boyfriend to join me – we packed our stuff, hired a van and moved to the city from Norwich. Small considerations like jobs could wait we were ready for a new life in this amazing vibrant city and have never looked back. We have since re-lived this with our own children who have taken part in the parade themselves and I think it is now a memory they will also always treasure."

Lu also highlighted the events as being a key reason for her love of the city: 

  • "There's just something so special about Brighton. The mix of people, both residents and visitors are accepting, interesting and a whole lot of fun.The best memories of the city include FatBoy Slim's free concerts on the beach, spending my pocket money on the Palace Pier, going to Pride (and, more recently, being IN the parade!) and ice skating at the Royal Pavilion with my kids. It's just the most fabulous place."

Christmas in Brighton 

Photo of children on the i360 pod with an elf

While many people still think of Brighton as a summer city we know that it is fabulous all year-round so we were delighted to see Christmas events being remembered fondly as well. One of our Facebook followers enjoyed the novelty of Thor's Tipi which was in Jubilee Square in 2018. Plus Hannah shared the above photo of her adorable children enjoying a festive flight on the i360. 

Sea & Countryside

Photos of sea swimming, Hove Lagoon and ice-cream on the beach

Of course many people have happy memories of being by the seaside. Marta and her husband even enjoy some sea swimming while the kids enjoy splashing around at Hove Lagoon. Although I think Hannah's daughter has got the right idea - an ice cream on the pebbles. Yummy!

Photo of Marta and Neil on the South Downs Way

The city is also a great base for exploring the Sussex countryside and the South Downs  brings back special memories for Marta as she first met her husband on a walk from Brighton to Lewes and they got engaged on the South Downs Way! 

Historic Moments 

Photo of the West Pier remains taken by Tushar Garg

As well as all the fun moments the city has been at the heart of many dramatic ones too. In fact Emma's first visit coincided with an incident that would become headline news: 

  • "The first occasion I visited was truly memorable it was 2003 and the weekend that the West Pier burnt down. The vision of the huge fire against the Brighton skyline was something I will never forget and has become a iconic image of the city ...  in fact, I remember at the time, that artists and photographers were selling images of the fire even as the West Pier was still smouldering in the background!"

Brighton Centre & Brighton Dome 

Last week I mentioned that seeing Editors at Brighton Dome was one of my personal highlights but there are so many other shows I could have included as well such a -  Jerry Springer: The Opera; Rhod Gilbert; Ross Noble and more recently Icebreaker: Apollo. However the venue has been a performance hub for over 150 years so my recollections barely scratch the surface! For example you may already be aware that ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest here but did you know that Pink Floyd debuted 'Dark Side of the Moon' at the Dome? You can find out more about the building's illustrious history on their website.

We're also loving the fact that the Brighton Centre have been exploring their archives and sharing some fantastic concert photos. Memorable gigs for me include Go West & Nik Kershaw and Darius Danesh - I have also seen Kasabian, Keane and Kaiser Chiefs so it's not all cheese! I've also seen some brilliant comedians such as Ricky Gervais, Michael McIntyre and Billy Connolly. 

Follow the Brighton Centre on Facebook for more shots from the archives such as this one from a Chemical Brothers gig back in 2007:

Thanks to everyone who has shared their #BrightonMemories with us so far and please do keep them coming! 





  1. Colin
    Have lived in Brighton all my life and enjoyed so much. Some incredible concerts at Dome and Centre, from Chris Rea to Deep Purple. My first was 72 to see Slade at the Dome. I think annual Xmas visit by Status Quo are a highlight.going back I have photos from my grandfather's days as an electrician on Palace Pier showing artists that have appeared.

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