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Today we welcome a guest post from Oliver Dall who tells us what he has been doing since lockdown...

Photo of Oliver's Brighton and owner Oliver DallMy shop, Oliver’s Brighton opened on 42 Trafalgar Street in 2017 and has since received 5 awards including a TripAdvisor certificate of excellence and over 2500 five star reviews. We are ranked the #2 spot to visit of all shops in Brighton.

If you are a Potterhead you will already know that I stock a fine array of Wands, Chocolate Frogs, Toys and even Broomsticks. However, during the lockdown, all magical items have safely been stowed away from the view of muggles, witches and wizards alike to ensure the spread of Covid-19 is halted and so all staff can remain home, receiving their furlough payments.

The decision to close completely was to ensure the health and safety of all staff, customers and residents in the area. The shop is on the corner of Trafalgar Terrace, which is only 1 metre wide and hosts many vulnerable residents. It has been imperative that only residents use this alley to maintain social distancing. I care very much for the community and try to get involved in helping however I can. For example, fixing the sewage issues on Trafalgar Terrace, being part of a vigilant community group monitoring theft & taggers, and raising over £5000 for various charities, including Sussex Homeless Support and the NHS.

The lockdown has given me the chance to work on my new product, ready for the reopening: delicious Ice Cream! There is a range of 5 flavours, including vegan options and a whole host of toppings (also vegan!). This magical Ice Cream can be enjoyed by both children and adults, with some eye-catching toppings!

If you wish to watch a video about the shop, send a message or read one of the thousands of reviews visit




  1. Sarah
    I love this shop!!!
  2. Sarah
    Best shop ever!!!!!
  3. James P
    I have been here so many times and the guy who owns it is so friendly!

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