Today we welcome a guest post from Natalie Archer who tells us about Regatta's latest campaign celebrating seaside holidays...

To explore Regatta’s passion for the great outdoors, it has created a campaign highlighting famous seaside destinations to celebrate all that Britain has to offer. The campaign boasts of Brighton, looking back at the past and present of the acclaimed seaside city.

Vintage photo of Brighton beach taken from the Royal Pavilion & Museums collection

Brighton has seen visitors since the mid-18th century, making it a popular seaside resort for over 270 years. Visitors began to crowd its beaches believing the seawater was good for their health and would cure their illnesses. The seaside town had regular small visitors until the Prince of Wales visited with his friends in 1783, boasting the town to upper class families who then flocked to its beaches. The Prince then influenced the build of the Royal Pavilion, which was completed in 1823 to act as a seaside retreat for the royal family. 1841 saw Brighton open a railway linking to London, making it simpler for tourists to visit the seaside resort from afar. After the railway line opened, it is estimated the town's annual visitors reached a staggering 250,000 people.

In the late-19th century the town opened the West and Palace piers, both providing high class entertainment and quickly became one of Brighton's most loved attractions. The piers featured activities and shows such as pantomimes, steamer excursions and bands. As the town became more and more popular, amenities such as the general hospital, museum, library and aquarium were built. Then further attractions opened in the early 20th century to entice visitors such as cinemas, the boating pool and the rebuilt aquarium.

To this day Brighton still continues to thrive, making it one of the UK’s most loved seaside destinations. Although the West Pier was sadly closed down in 1975, the Palace Pier still attracts millions of holiday-makers each year, still boasting of its fairground, arcades and award winning fish and chip shop. The aquarium which was built in 1929, is now a popular refurbished SEALIFE centre, making it the world’s oldest running aquarium.

The seaside destination has seen many changes over the years, although it is easy to see why it has remained such a beloved city on the South Coast!




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