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Right now, perhaps more than ever, having the occasional treat works wonders to make every household feel a little more cheerful. Balancing working from home, whilst home schooling little ones has resulted in frazzled parents and moany children. Well, it is in my house anyway! ‘Hmmm…?’ I thought. ‘What can we do that is comforting, fun and can count as a meal?’ Afternoon Tea of course! I had planned to make a full afternoon tea with my six year old twins, but when I found out that Flour Pot deliver them, I knew it would be 1) done perfectly 2) delicious 3) a lot less mess and hassle for me! But, how would the exceptionally popular Brighton based bakery adapt so much in order to provide this? Let’s take a look….

The Flour Pot have got seven stores across the city and were not previously offering home delivery. But you know what they did (and what they keep proving they do so well) they adapted! They now offer Home Delivery (all the way to Worthing) or Click & Collect 7 days a week -they just need 48 hours’ notice. To support families further they have also extended their range to include a number of essentials too. Partnerships are clearly especially important to Flour Pot as over the last few months they have partnered with many other independent local businesses to vary what they can offer.

Photo of Flour Pot Afternoon Tea

Which brings me nicely to what it is that they offer…’The Afternoon Tea Box’

+ Bird & Blend Triple B or Earl Grey Creme Tea | 1
+ Flour Pot 250g Ground Coffee | 1

+ Plain Scone | 2
+ Clotted cream | 2
+ Jam Pot | 2
+ Lemon Tart | 2
+ Blackout Mini Cake | 2

+ Ham & Cheese | 2
+ Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Cucumber | 2
+ Coronation Chicken | 2
+ Egg & Cress | 2

+ Sausage Rolls | 1
+ Vegan Sausage Roll | 1

Wow! It says ‘serves 2’ but, with two particularly opinionated children in my home “I don’t want jam!/Can I just eat the pastry?/Can I try a cup of tea?” (You get the idea) I knew that it would be fine for the four of us.

Photo of Flour Pot Afternoon Tea

The presentation is exceptional. Just look! So beautiful. It must have taken a lot of brainstorming to figure out how to make it look so special, easy for them to deliver, how to prevent anything getting squashed and whilst adhering to their environmentally friendly policy. (All the packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable).

Some brilliant facts:

  • They teamed with the (also local, independent) award winning tea company ‘Bird and Blend’ for delicious tea. I opted for Earl Grey Crème Tea, which was lovely.
  • The cheese in the sandwiches is from ‘Chessy’s Cheese’ from Brighton based ‘The Cheeseman’ and 10% of their profit on wholesale goes to the Brighton and Hove University Hospital Trust.
  • The Strawberry Jam is ‘Auntie Vals Jam’ which is an organisation that specifically trains and employs disabled people.

The scones were perfect. Really big, with an appealing sheen. I piled mine high with the cream and the ‘Auntie Val’s’ jam. To my horror, my husband put the jam on his scone, followed by the cream. After thirteen years together you think you know someone! The Lemon Tarts, garnished with almonds, thyme and icing sugar and the Mini Brighton Blackout Cakes with fresh raspberries were outstanding too.

Photo of Flour Pot Afternoon Tea

Sandwiches have always been my favourite ‘food group’, especially when they are gourmet. These ones most certainly were. (Very fresh) Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and cucumber were the best ones in my opinion – the long slices of cucumber with skin removed really added to the afternoon tea style decadence. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Coronation Chicken. However, my kids liked the Egg & Cress the most. My husband favoured the Ham & ‘Chessy’s Cheese with English mustard mayo.

Before lockdown I have been to The Flour Pot Bakery many times, so I already knew how good the sausage rolls were. Pork and Fennel is an inspired combination. It just works. Actually, until fact checking the list of ingredients for this article, I had not realised that the Bombay Potato Sausage Roll is actually a VEGAN Bombay Potato Sausage Roll. As a non-vegan, I’m really confused by this – it tasted so buttery!

Photo of Flour Pot Afternoon Tea

Would I order this again? Yes. Yes I would. The price and quality means that it falls into the ‘special occasion’ category, but when you look at how much you get, it offers really good value. To make the  afternoon extra special my twins and I made ourselves fancy hats out of cardboard, put on our prettiest dresses and pretended we were in a five star hotel. We had a wonderful time.



The Flour Pot
The Flour Pot

The flagship Flour Pot Bakery, situated in Brighton’s hip North Laine area, has become synonymous with good, simple food served in a laidback, Nordic inspired ambience of copper, marble and wood.



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