We've decided to get to know some of our local business partners a bit better - and this week we speak to Andrew Cooper of Franklins Brewing Co (on the right in the photo below)... 

Photo of the Franklins logo and Andrew Cooper

  • Tell us about your business and what you offer to visitors coming to Sussex and Brighton

We are a microbrewery based just outside Brighton in Ringmer. All of our employees are Brighton residents so we feel that our brand represents what we love about the city. We offer great quality, drinkable beers that will leave people wanting more. We are now offering a free home delivery service into the city.

  • What inspired you to set up Franklins Brewery Co?

Franklins was set up by Steve Medniuk in 2012 after quitting the hospitality industry to follow a dream of supplying good quality beer for everyone. After completing a brewing course, Steve did his brewing apprenticeship at Sussex brewing giants, Dark Star, before setting up Franklins. We wanted to make beer that people would love to drink at large gatherings amongst friends and we also hope to turn non beer drinkers on to our beer. 

  • Can you tell us about your ethos and your commitment to sustainability, how does it work for you?

Brighton has always been a very progressive city in this respect and it’s something that we as a business and as individuals care a lot about. We are always looking at ways to improve in this area. Our spent grain becomes cow feed, our hops compost and we reuse as much water as possible. Pre COVID we were looking into solar energy which is something we will pick up when we can. We also work closely with Paper Round to reduce our waste, Harriet’s of Hove where you can get plastic free refills of our product and in 2016 we worked with Bagelman of Brighton on a project “Optimist” where we turned their leftover bagels into beer in order to reduce food waste.

  • What’s the best thing about your work?

There are many great aspects to working in a brewery – coming up with ideas for new beers, tasting a beer for the first time, but the most rewarding thing is walking into a pub, seeing your beers on tap and people enjoying them.

  • What’s your average day like, or is it ever average??

It is definitely not average and there is no set routine. We are a small team so everyone mucks in to do a bit of everything from selling and delivering beer to production, cask washing, packing deliveries etc.

  • We’ve seen that you’re offering some great home delivery products at the moment, can you tell us about these?

We have a large number of different beers on offer at the moment. We’ve had to adapt our model to meet the demands and needs of the current time. We’re offering a rotating range of bottled lager, pale ale, IPA and sour beer for doorstep deliveries. We also have beers in can and 5 litre mini kegs which is about 9 pints.

  • Businesses have been really creative during the lockdown period in order to survive, would you like to share your experience of running your business during this challenging time?

It’s been tough. Our customer base has pretty much closed down and we’re not sure when they are reopening. With each new announcement, things change and we have had to adapt. We weren’t set up particularly well for small pack beer, knew very little about e-commerce and hadn’t really done domestic deliveries before so we had to find a way to adapt and also go and get a whole new set of customers.

  • How are you thinking of developing the business for the future?

We are still unsure as to when we will be able to trade with pubs again and indeed how the landscape and market will look, so we are keen to develop our home delivery service and are looking at ways to make that even more accessible and expand it further. We are looking forward to being able to open our taproom again and host parties and events, we will always be looking to develop new beers and we will also look into further ways to make the business as sustainable as possible.

  • What do you like most about Brighton and Sussex?

We love the vibe about Brighton and Sussex. There is a lot of creativity and progressive thinking. There is a lot of social responsibility and ethical and green businesses who we love to support. There is also a vibrant food and drink scene as well as a great music and nightlife.

Photo of Franklins Brewing Co


Franklins Brewing Co
Home Delivery
Franklins Brewing Co

Award-winning brewery based in Ringmer. We are now in our 8th year of brewing and have won numerous awards for our different vegan beers. We have a varied range of cask, keg and can beers – something for everyone



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