We've decided to get to know some of our local business partners a bit better - and today we speak to Veneta Stefanova from the Upside Down House...

Photo of Veneta Stefanovoa from the Upside Down House Brighton

  • What’s your role at the Upside Down House, we imagine it must be quite varied?

It is certainly very varied, as the business is fairly new and growing there is so much to do and shape during its growth.

  • What do you like most about what you do?

Working in Marketing is a fast-paced and exciting environment. It is a great opportunity to engage with so many people and bringing the best experience and memories to our guests. When you receive kind comments and photos of smiling people in return is when you know the right message and service has been delivered.

  • How did you get into tourism and working with attractions?

I joined Upside Down House UK in July 2020 after meeting the company’s CEO Tom Dirse. I have always been passionate about tourism, travel and experiencing different cultures. Joining the inspiring team at Upside Down House definitely gives me the opportunity to do what I love.

  • How has the business evolved over the last few years? 

The business has expanded very quickly over the past 2 years, from one location in the UK to now having 5 with plans to open more Upside Down Houses in the near future. We are always trying to innovate how we approach the attraction industry.

  • What’s the best thing about where you work? 

At Upside Down House UK we always work together to achieve our goals while having fun at the same time. It is not a challenge, it is a journey. The best thing about working at Upside Down House UK is you can find new opportunities every day, friends and support when you are stuck. Because as much as we love what we do there are always difficult times and we work as a team when things get tough, which is our key to success.

  • What’s your average day like, or is it ever average?

Days at Upside Down House are never average. Some days I am focused on social media campaigns and posts, other days I meet inspiring people. Either way every day is exciting and it brings me new experiences.

  • What is the biggest challenge or opportunity currently for you?

The biggest challenge is to synchronise the things you wish to do with the current circumstances. Planning is essential in any business but planning in 2020 is difficult. I am adapting to planning under challenging circumstances, which is difficult however I am making progress. However such challenges give me the opportunity to experience my own strengths and creativity so there are positives to obstacles and certain situations.

  • What exciting future plans are there for the Attraction?  

The expansion of Upside Down Houses in the UK, we cannot wait to open more doors to more Upside Down Houses so everyone gets the opportunity to walk on the ceiling with us!

  • What do you like most about Brighton? 

Brighton is fascinating with its coastal mysterious beauty and all the fun places to visit around. People are always happy and ready for new adventures. It is hard to choose one thing but probably the best thing about Brighton is that something new awaits every time I visit, this city is always full of surprises.

  • If anything at all, what would you like to be doing as an alternative career?

I play piano, never thought about career as a musician though but who knows.

  • Apart from Brighton of course, where else would you most like to live?

Perhaps in another coastal city.

Photo of the Upside Down House Brighton


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The UK’s only topsy-turvy attraction, the Upside Down House is a hybrid of street art and experiential entertainment that’s fun for all the family



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