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I think we have mentioned Tryanuary on the blog before but if you are not familiar with the concept it is basically a campaign to encourage people to support independent breweries and try new beers rather than going ahead with dryanuary. The campaign started as way to support local businesses during a traditionally quiet time and I think we can all agree that is more important now than ever before.

While you may not be able to visit Brighton at the moment you can still support Brighton & Sussex breweries as most of them offer national delivery... 

Brighton Bier

This is Brighton's original craft brewery and they brew Pale Ales, IPA’s (West Coast and NEIPA), Porters and Stouts. I don't normally go for IPAs but their Freshman is really fresh, man (sorry!) - no seriously though it is delicious. Although I am generally more of a stout drinker so I really want to try their Fat Boy Stout. 

UnBarred Brewey

Unbarred describe themsleves as creating 'No Rules Brewing' and that seems accurate to me! The branding is bold and for the cans they often work with local artists such as Paul Jackson and Will Blood. Personal favourites have to be Stoutzilla and their Summer Stout but I do also love their Mango Pale. 

Loud Shirt

Martyn & Mike founded Loud Shirt Beer in 2016 combining their shared passion for beer and loud shirts! I love the 70s style logo and striking branding. You won't be surprised to hear that I love their Ecstasty Stout whcih has already won awards and they also brew Insomnia which is a black IPA! 

Franklins Brewing Co

Frankins is a Sussex based micro-brewery and in the summer I enjoyed their Pilsner 'Pils to Swallow' as well as their fantasitc range of fruity sours including 'Go Man Go' 'Blue Sky Drinking' and 'Redcurrent Affairs'. I'm yet to try their darker beers so I think my pick for Tryanuary will be their oatshake stout 'Little Lights in Gloaming' 

Dark Star

I have to mention Dark Star as they brew my favourite - Espresso. As mentioned above I tend to go for porters and stouts and the Espresso is one of the darkest. It's worth it just for the smell, and thankfully the taste is every bit as good. Although if you're not a fan of coffee stay well away! Another one that is worth a try is the Crème Brûleé, while it's too sweet to be a session beer it is a delicious treat and again perfectly captures the caramelly goodness you'd expect from the name. 





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