The finalists for The Beautiful South Awards for Excellence 2020-2021 have been announced and I am thrilled to say my workmate Luzia is up for the Unsung Hero Award.

In her 30 years of working for Brighton Tourism Luzia has handled a wide variety of roles and responsibilities. Luzia single-handedly manages all our distribution; 15 Visitor Information Points; the City Champions and the Greeters. She is also our health & safety officer, fire warden and office guru. I grew up in Brighton and have worked for VisitBrighton for 15 years but there are still plenty of questions that stump me so if I get stuck, I go straight to Luzia!

Photo of Beautiful South Awards finalist Luzia who works for VisitBrighton

I think if Luzia had not got into tourism she would have made an excellent detective. As mentioned, there are very few questions that Luzia cannot answer however our wonderful visitors do sometimes throw a curveball and while many of us would admit defeat, Luzia never does! She will research and investigate until she either finds the answer herself or at least a strong lead for the visitor to follow-up on. For example, a gentleman emailed in asking for information about an historic vehicle that had been on display in Brighton. With very little to go on Luzia donned her deerstalker and with some digging managed to discover that there was a tiny Brighton Motor Museum on top of the aquarium for a very brief spell of about two years in the early 1960s. This was an off shoot of what is now the Beaulieu Motor Museum, so Luzia advised the gentleman to contact them.

Recently Luzia has also been supporting our colleagues in Economic Development proving that whatever happens on awards night she is already a hero to us, our council colleagues, our business partners, our volunteers and of course our visitors. Congratulations Luzia!

Luzia is not the only Brighton finalist at this year’s Beautiful South Awards so we would also like to say congratulations and good luck to our friends at British Airways i360 who are finalists for the Large Visitor Attraction of the Year and Unsung Hero Awards.

Finally, I couldn’t possibly publish a post about Visitor Services without sharing some of our favourite enquiries that Luzia has had over the years. So, grab a cup of tea and enjoy…

  • “Hello, is this the Brighton Tourist Board?”
  • “Yes”
  • “Well, could you send me a brochure on Southend?”
  • “…"

  • “How many fish are there in the sea?”

  • “I know this isn’t a tourist question, but my computer crashed and I don’t know what to do.”

  • “Why is the Town Hall closed?”
  • “All council offices are closed on a Saturday.”
  • “Oh, I thought it was Friday today…”

  • “I am ringing from Yorkshire. Is there anywhere in Brighton where I can buy a postcard of Egypt?”
  • “No, I am afraid not”
  • “Oh, I thought because you are that much further south…”

  • “Have you got a glass of water for a dragonfly outside?”

  • “Is my hair very untidy? I came out without a comb.”

  • "Can I get to Dieppe by ferry from Brighton?"
  • “No, but you can go from Newhaven.”
  • “Oh, no, I’ve already tried that, and I didn’t like the scenery.”

  • “Have you got any tourism statistics from the 1840s?”






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