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Having only just dodged a lockdown birthday by a few weeks last year, I was quietly confident that the world would be ‘normal’ by my Feb 2021 birthday when I could once again book a babysitter, jump in a taxi and go wild with cocktails with my ‘we-don’t-get-out-very-often-so-we-certainly-make-the-most-of-it-when-we-do’ friends. Whoop whoop! BUT, as you could guess, I had the smug look wiped off my face – you could even say it ‘ended in tiers’. *Family Fortunes MEH MEH sound*

BUT I will not be defeated by the pandemic…and neither will the fabulous Brighton businesses who have adapted to match the thirsty needs of part-time party people who want a glimmer of joy in a less than cheery time. In a hugely theatrical magical cloud of smoke and glitter appeared the answer to my problem – Lucky Pineapple Cocktails! One of my favourite Brighton Food bloggers – Rosie Posie Puddings & Pies – is a massive fan of their portable bars and chats about them regularly. It’s a retro Golden Pineapple Cocktail Bar which is shaped like an actual golden pineapple, fun fact: the pineapple is the international symbol of hospitality! They also have a slightly more demure, sophisticated and all-out STUNNING mirrored bar. They got quite a lot of press as Denise Van Outen booked the pineapple bar for her stepdaughter’s Tiki party last summer. Pretty cool huh?

As Winter/Spring birthdays don’t lend themselves to outdoor celebrations and the pandemic doesn’t lend itself to you being near anyone, they have come up with a beautifully elegant celebration solution…

Lucky Pineapple’s ‘Personalised Lockdown Group Party Package'

Which looks like this:

Each member of the party receives:

  • A Lucky Pineapple 2 recipe cocktail kit. It’s a choice of TWO Lucky Pineapple recipes to make and enjoy together as a group virtually. They delivered the cocktails to the addresses I provided, and I arranged the Zoom with my gang. In fact, Lucky Pineapple can provide a mixologist to join the call too, if that’s what you would prefer.
  • Everything needed to create 2 of each of the recipes including spirits, fresh cocktail syrups & fruit. 4 cocktails in total. I chose the Dragonfruit & Lychee Daiquiri along with the Salted Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini. It was so delicious that I’m now having to come to terms with the fact that I don’t have fresh Dragonfruit syrup in my fridge at all times.
  • Photo-worthy garnishes, including a personalised EDIBLE COCKTAIL TOPPER with the image of your choice. I used a photo of me using the Eggmaster I bought in Lockdown One which never fails to make me smile. (Not familiar with the Eggmaster? Google it now. It’s worth it, I promise!)
  • Personalised recipe cards with cocktail names inspired by your celebration. Each recipe card comes complete with easy step-by-step instructions & expert Cocktail Club tips. I named mine ‘Welsh Dragon (fruit) and Lu-chee Daiquiri’ in a nod to my welsh connections and abbreviation of my name. The Salted Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini I named ‘It’s not Terry’s – it’s mine.’ Not gonna lie, I was quite proud of myself for that one.
  • Lucky Pineapple Cocktail Club coasters. Coz…coasters! Cocktails be sticky. Adds to the Instagramability too.
  • Party poppers. Loved these! I don’t know about you, but I haven’t popped a party popper (try saying that three times fast after a few cocktails!) in a looooooooong while. So much so that I decided to close many doors so the noise wouldn’t wake my sleeping children. That prompted my friend on Zoom to ask ‘You are familiar with the concept of party poppers, right?!?’ :-D Spoiler alert: It wasn’t the ‘KABOOM!’ explosion I was over-prepared for. But you probably already knew that.
  • Accompanying themed playlists curated by professional DJs, exclusively for Lucky Pineapple Cocktail Club. You'll be able to access these via a slick & snazzy QR code and they’ll also include instructions on how your group can listen in sync. I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t use this because I was playing ‘Quiplash’ with my friends, but what a lovely touch!
  • Gift box presentation. This is so pretty. So much thought has gone into the design to make it funky, cool and gorgeous, combined with being fully fit for purpose.

This package is available for groups of 6 or more & Lucky Pineapple take care of delivery to multiple addresses.

My friends were delighted when they all started to receive their BEAUTIFUL gift boxes a few days in advance of my celebration and I was getting messages of excitement all day long. The ingredients keep for five days, so I went for a ‘safe rather than sorry’ approach to delivery. In fact, in true ‘challenge yourself in difficult times’ fashion it turns out that the box I was having delivered to my friend in Dublin encountered problems because (curve ball!) you can no longer send beverages to the Republic of Ireland due to BREXIT! However, the wonderful Hayley from Lucky Pineapple is a problem-solving type of lady and therefore we opted to send a really pretty gold-rimmed, cut glass martini glass in place of the liquids and a list of alternative ingredients for my mate to buy from her local shops in Dublin. Obviously, if my mate couldn’t source Dragonfruit and Sugar Syrup, her plan B was to just drink Guinness from her gorgeous new cocktail glass. Ha!

Hayley & her team had also provided a lovely clear list of other bits and pieces that we might need. Not got a cocktail shaker? Use a large jar with a watertight lid. That kind of thing.

Everything in the box was so well worked out. Particularly the bright & cheery cocktail ‘fans’ you attach to your glass, but the edible cocktail topper with my picture on was THE BEST. Everyone should be able to eat their own face out of a cocktail glass at least once in their life.

On the Saturday night I ‘lead’ my friends through the instructions so we could all make our cocktails virtually together. In true group conference fashion, some had already made theirs before the call, and we managed to get ourselves muddled whether to put the chocolate IN the cocktail because one friend had used it to ‘rim’ the glass and tipped it into the salt for a pretty effect. In hindsight, the instruction ‘Add ALL the ingredients to the cocktail shaker’ is pretty damn clear! This was user error (now I think about it, it was totally my error!) and this not reflection of the VERY SIMPLE instructions included in the box! It tasted great once I included ALL of the ingredients though! The Dragonfruit and Lychee Daiquiri was particularly lush. I can’t express this enough. So good.

Before I leave you, I also want to highlight is how my vegan and alcohol-free friend was catered for, while her partner was still able to have the booze version. I hadn’t realized that alcohol free white rum and vodka were a thing before, plus the chocolate ingredient was vegan, and I appreciated how prepared for this situation Lucky Pineapple were. High five you guys!

Everything was fabulous. So, if you’re facing a lockdown celebration, (or even if you’re not!) fancy doing something a bit different and like supporting wonderful Brighton based businesses, run by super-fun and professional people, then do yourself a favour and check out Lucky Pineapple right now.


  • Please note that Lucinda paid for her cocktail kits, this was not a gifted experience.




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