Today we welcome a guest post from Ava who gives us a review of the rides on Brighton Palalce Pier...

I visited Brighton Palalce Pier with a group of friends who are all 14 and 15 years old. It was a gorgeously sunny day with a few clouds in the sky as we were all really excited. We were able to get 2 for 1 passes which enabled us to stay on the pier and go on the rides as many times as we wanted which was great, instead of having to pay for each.

Brighton Palace Pier taken by Adam Bronkhorst

To start off the day we took a trip on the Booster which was probably one of the scariest rides that I have ever experienced in my life! To start, you are seated in a pod with one person next to you and the other two people opposite and facing the other way. This layout is the same on the other side of the ride, who as you get in are suspended many metres into the air. When the ride starts you are moved in a slow circle whose pace increases rapidly, flying up and down with exhilarating speed. If you can get over the initial fear of the height of the ride, it is amazing as there are sublime views of the sea.

Another ride that we went on many times was the Log Flume. This is very similar to many other water rides, as you are buckled into a carriage with up to four people and then begin the slow incline to the top of the ride, before plunging into the water at the bottoms’ icy depths. This ride was a blessing as we were all getting hot by this point, so to be refreshed with the cool water was great!

Games on Brighton Palace Pier

Some other rides that we really enjoyed were Galaxia, which is great if you are not as keen on heights or really scary rides. This still provides a shock and excitement but is much less scary than the booster, and great to ride with your friends. An unlikely ride that we liked was the dodgems. At first we were unsure, but after a few gos we had gotten into the competitive spirit and were racing eachother around the track.

The staff were really nice and helpful, telling us where things were and helping us to stay safe on the rides. We had some fish and chips from one of the stands which were very crispy and salty, the perfect meal for when you are beside the seaside. Later on in the day, we had a lot of fun on the retro two penny machines and won countless tickets which could then be redeemed for prizes!

I would recommend the pier to anyone, especially teenagers like me, as it is such a fun day out and quite cheap if you buy a pass! In my opinion if you go to the pier you need to purchase an all day pass, as it will allow you to go on all the rides as many times as you would like.


Brighton Palace Pier
Brighton Palace Pier at night. Credit - OnTheNorway

Palace Pier is a 1,722ft long Victorian pier, located in the heart of Brighton and Hove’s 8 miles of coastline. With our famous fish and chip restaurant, a range of hot food and drink concessions, fairground attractions, two arcades, plus Brighton’s biggest indoor soft play area - ‘Palace Play’ - Brighton Palace Pier makes it a day to remember!



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